GTA 5: How To Unlock The Fighter Plane Now [360-PS3]

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GTA 5: How To Unlock The Fighter Plane Now [360-PS3]


Is piloting the warfighter in GTA V your dream? Well, we have good news. The supersonic jet present among the new airplanes that can be flown in Grand Theft Auto V it can be found and piloted from the very first moments of the game.

How to find and fly the fighter

Below we propose a video showing how to get to the airport where you can steal a nice war fighter. The map will not be visible immediately, so you can use the video to find out the route to take to get to the airport if you have not yet discovered it (it is located in the upper left part of the map).

As in the previous chapters, also in GTA 5 entering the airport is prohibited, as soon as you enter the gate the wanted level will jump to 4 stars. It is therefore advisable to make a rescue before entering, so as not to have to retrace all the way in case of death. Once inside, do it as fast as you can: go immediately to the plane and take possession of it, then take off at the speed of light.

When you are in the air you can make a new save and immediately reload the game. This will reset the wanted level, and make you reborn with the new plane without damage.

Here is a video showing the whole process

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Alternatively, follow this second method (quite creative ...) to enter the airport and take the jet.

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