GTA 5: How to Unlock New Haircuts [360-PS3]

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GTA 5: How to Unlock New Haircuts [360-PS3]


The possibilities of personalization of the protagonists in GTA 5 they are even more numerous than in the previous chapters of the game and in this guide we see how unlock new hairstyles and other items to use to change the look of Michael, Franklin and Trevor.

First of all enter the social network "Lifeinvader" which was created by Rockstar to simulate a social network populated by the characters of the game. Log in here with your Rockstar Social Club account username and password (create one if you don't already have one).

Once logged in, random pages will appear, which change each time you reload the page. By clicking on "Stalk" (follow) on certain pages you will receive some bonuses and items to use in the game.

To unlock the hairstyles, maybe a nice afro for Franklin, or a beard for Michael you have to visit and click on "Stalk" on the Herr Kutz Barber page.

Visit the card GTA 5 cheats and guides for other guides on this game, if you find other pages that unlock interesting objects on Lifeinvader report it in the comments !!

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