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    GTA 5: how to get to 100%

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    Guide to 100% Complete GTA 5 [360 - PS3]


    Oh, fearless warriors, you are truly trying to to complete GTA 5 at 100%? So get ready, this is a unique challenge, and above all a long, very long one!

    GTA 5: how to get to 100%

    Grand Theft Auto V is a truly immense game, and this guide to completing the game 100% is a good way to realize "how immense" it is.

    Below you will find the complete list of all the activities and missions that must be carried out / completed to completely finish the game. By doing everything, you will also unlock the achievement / Trophy "Criminal career: Complete the game 100 ". For different items on the list our guides are linked to help you complete the missions. Good luck !!!

    Check out the GTA 5 cheats and guides tab for the complete guide to Trophies and Achievements, the updated cheats list and much more.


    Main Story Missions (50% of total)

    Completed all the Missions of the Main Story, there are 69 in total. (Complete solution video)

    Strangers and Fools (10% of the total)

    There are 58 total strangers and fools in the game, but only 20 of their missions are required to get to 100%. But be careful !!! You will not be able to complete 20 missions any of the unknowns, but precisely the following missions:

    • Tonya (5 tow truck missions).
    • Beverley (5 Paparazzo missions).
    • Hao (missione Shift Work).
    • Barry (Franklin's 2 missions only).
    • Fanatic (Franklin's mission only).
    • Dom (4 extreme missions).
    • Omega (return the 50 parts of the ship to Omega) (guide spaceship parts)
    • Dreyfuss (collect the 50 letters) (mystery guide Leonora Johnson)

    Hobbies and Pastimes (10% of the total)

    • Lap dance in private at the Strip Club.
    • Shooting range: at least one bronze medal for each of the 3 challenges of all weapon categories (18 medals in total).
    • 5 road races (you must get at least the Bronze medal in each).
    • 6 Off-Road races (you must get at least the Bronze medal in each).
    • 4 sea races (you must get at least the Bronze medal in each).
    • Win a game of Tennis.
    • Play 9 holes of Golf and finish at or below Par.
    • Win at darts.
    • 3 Triathlon races (you must get at least the Bronze medal in each).
    • Flight school (earn at least Bronze medals in all 12 lessons).
    • Skydiving (all Base Jumps and Heli Jumps).
    • Do Yoga

    Random events (15% of total)

    • Complete any 14 random events while touring San Andreas.

    Miscellaneous Missions (15% of the total)

    • Collect all parts of the spaceship (guide spaceship parts).
    • Collect the 50 letter fragments (mystery guide Leonora Johnson).
    • Complete 25 of the 50 Under the Bridge Challenges (drive challenges under the bridge).
    • Complete 25 of the 50 Insane Stunts (drive crazy stunts).
    • Complete 8 of 15 Knife Flight Challenges (guide knife flight challenges).
    • Buy any 5 properties.
    • Buy any vehicle from a site.
    • Take a walk with Chop and throw the ball to get it back.
    • Complete a Booty Call. (follow the guide)
    • Go with a prostitute. (follow the guide)
    • You own a shop.
    • Visit the cinema.
    • Do 4 activities with friends (go to the cinema, play darts, go to the Strip Club and go to a bar).

    And with that it's all folks !!! Have fun on your way to 100% GTA 5.

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