GTA 5 - Guide to Install Redux Mod [PC]

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GTA 5 - Guide to Install Redux Mod [PC]


In this guide we see how to install Redux mod for Grand Theft Auto V.

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Description of the Mod

The mod created by Josh Romito heavily redesigns the look of the technical sector of the game, making drastic improvements to the textures, to the system that regulates the weather, to the animations and much more. The result is incredible, see the mod in action in this video:

Download of the Mod

The Redux mod can be downloaded from this address.

How to install

The installation process of this mod is a bit complex and made up of several steps, so follow everything well, step by step. The original guide from the mod's official website can be found here (in English). It is advisable to install the mod on a fresh game installation, with no other mod installed.

1) Download and install OpenIV, together with any required Plugins.

If you do not see the message to install the Plugins, click on "tools" and then on "Asi Manager" install the listed plugins.

2) Download ScriptHookV, copy and paste the files ScriptHookV.dll, and dinput8  from the folder "Bin"  to the main installation folder of GTA 5.

CAUTION!!! Before proceeding to the next step make sure you have cleaned up the main GTA 5 installation folder from any Reshade, ENB and / or other mods previously installed.

There must therefore NOT be these files / folders in the main installation folder (check carefully, they could compromise the installation of the mod):

- folders called "ReShade" or "Enbseries"

- chiamati files ReShade.fx, dxgi.dll, ReShade64.dll, d3d11.dll, enblocal.ini, enbseries.ini, enblightspright.fx


3) In the main installation folder of GTA 5 create a new folder named "mods". From the main installation folder, copy the files / folders update, x64, common.rpf, and x64a.rpf-x64w.rpf in the newly created "mods" folder.

Please note: with this step you will practically make a copy of the entire game by transferring all the .rpf files to the mods folder. This is a lot of files so it will take some time, please be patient.

4) After fixing the "mods" folder, open OperIV, click on "tools" and then on "package installer" to find the file REDUX_INSTALLER.oiv from the archive downloaded with the mod (obviously after unpacking it).

5) Click on "Install", then choose the option to install the mod in the "game folder". Be careful not to make mistakes, because if you install in "mods folder" you will corrupt the installation and you will have to do it all over again.

6) Installation completed !!! If you receive a message indicating that the installation program failed, try the installation again (step 5). If it fails a second time, make sure you have set the mods folder correctly. Do not close the installer during installation, wait for it to finish unless the program crashes. If you have difficulties, also watch this video installation guide:


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