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    GTA 5: Drive GOLD in all sports and pastimes [Multidisciplinary]

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    GTA 5: Drive GOLD in all sports and pastimes [Multidisciplinary]


    In Grand Theft Auto V there are dozens of hobbies and pastimes challenges available on the game map, divided into 6 different types of activities: Shooting range, flight school, off-road racing, road racing, sea racing and triathlon.

    As with the main and side missions, these challenges have requirements to be met for get the Gold medal. To unlock the Achievement / Trophy "Multidisciplinary"However, you just need to have ONLY ONE gold medal for each activity.

    Except for strata racing, all sports and pastimes will gradually become available as you progress through the main story missions. For road races, on the other hand, going around the city you will sooner or later meet Hao (marked with a question mark on the map) who will challenge you in a race. After completing this race by earning at least Bronze, road racing will become available as a pastime.

    Here is a video showing how to take at least one GOLD medal in all sports and pastimes to unlock the "multidisciplinary" result.

    The above is sufficient to unlock the result, but to 100% complete the game you will have to meet other requirements in sports and pastime, the details are in the guide to 100% completion of GTA 5.

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