Gran Turismo 7: the developer will pay maximum attention to details

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Gran Turismo, as a series, has always had a great talent for applying incredible attention to detail, which, of course, is doubly important in a genre that always tries to achieve a high level of authenticity during racing. The developer of the title, Polyphony Digital, during the past few hours he has stated that his intentions are to keep this aspect unchanged within Gran Turismo 7, the new installment of the simulation series arriving next year as an exclusive PlayStation 5. The chat with the producer of the Gran Turismo series and boss of Polyphony Digital Kazunori Yamauchi it was held especially ai FIA Gran Turismo Championships 2020: the man was keen to specify - on behalf of the whole society - that they do not want to make mistakes in this sense:

We are always looking for the best in Polyphony Digital. We don't want to make concessions on anything. We want to offer the best to everyone. And this is no longer just my thinking, but the mentality of all the 200 or so employees of our company. In Japan it is said that divinity resides in the details, and I believe this to be true. Paying attention to the details, how to refine them, sharpen them to perfection and apply incredible attention to it, is our production style.

Gran Turismo 7 is not intended as a cross-gen game - the long-awaited racing title points to the 4K and 60 FPS, while support for the ray-tracing. We know that the release date was initially mentioned as "first half of 2021" in a video, only to be later changed to "2021". Considering Polyphony Digital's reputation for extended development cycles, it wouldn't be surprising if the PS5 installment required additional development time, especially considering the impact that the coronavirus and the already packed PS5 release schedule for next year. In addition to this, a doubt has recently arisen among the users of the community, relating to a possible release also on PlayStation 4.

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