Gotham Knights is not a Batman: Arkham Knight sequel

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As anticipated by the persistent rumors of recent months and some teasers published in recent days, Warner Bros. Games Montreal has finally announced Gotham Knights, a new title set in the Dark Knight universe, but which will not see Batman as the protagonist. The heroes of this adventure are in fact four members of the Bat Family: RobinRed HoodNightwing e Batgirl! The announcement trailer, however, instilled a doubt in all fans: Gotham Knights is a sequel to Batman: Arkham Knight?

To immediately clarify the matter was Warner Bros. Games Montreal, in the course of an interview granted to the ComicBook newspaper, which officially stated that the title they developed is in no way connected with the Arkham series and, therefore, it is not a sequel to Batman: Arkham Knight.

Gotham Knights is a totally unreleased story set in the Batman universe and is not connected to the Arkham series.

It is therefore clear that, although the video shown could give the impression that the incipit of this new title continued from the finale of the last chapter of the Arkham series, the two universes are completely separate. As many fans will have noticed, in the new title developed by WB Games Montreal, the Bat Family is called to defend Gotham following the death of Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, involved in an explosion. A point in common with the epilogue of Batman: Arkham Knight, where we witnessed the Dark Knight who, after his secret identity has been revealed to the whole world, decides to activate the "Knightfall Protocol”And blow up together with Villa Wayne, the historic mansion of his family.

We remind you that Gotham Knights is expected for 2021 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. As already anticipated by an interesting gameplay video, the title will be a action RPG open-world and will offer a playable campaign in both singleplayer and co-op, up to a maximum of 2 players.

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