Google Authenticator not working on iPhone: how to fix?

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Google Authenticator not working on iPhone: how to fix? It doesn't matter what kind of gadget you use. It can be a PC, a smartphone or a tablet, but it is important to protect the device. With the use of numerous apps, it is imperative to be sure that they are being used safely. For this, the best option is to use two-factor authentication. 

2FA works perfectly with Google Authenticator. This app generates OTPs based on timestamps. Together with the login details the user must enter the 6-digit code. The OTP will only be available to the person who has the secret key for the particular app that the user needs to log in.

Sometimes it may happen that Authenticator may not work with iPhone. As a result, apps on which 2FA is enabled will not allow the user to log in. In this guide, I will tell you how to fix the problem if Google Authenticator is not working on your iPhone.

Reason why Google Authenticator is not working as expected

The authentication app works on the time and date set on the user's device. This is applicable to all apps. If there is a mismatch with a timestamp generated on the authentication app and device, the user cannot be authenticated.

Also, this problem can occur due to a bug in the Google Authenticator app. There might be some system bugs that could cause this problem. I have come up with some basic solutions that should help you solve this problem.

How to fix Google Authenticator not working on iPhone.?

Now, let's start with the solution part.

Install the latest update available for Google Authenticator

As I said above, there may be some bugs in the app itself. It rarely happens but still, it's a possibility. When the developers figure this out, they will release a fix for the app. So, you need to check on Apple App Store for any updates as soon as available for Google Authenticator.

Reboot the device

Maybe you've made some time zone changes recently and that's why it's causing this problem with Google Authenticator. Then, restart your iPhone so that the time zone is automatically set based on the region you are in. Otherwise, you can also manually set the date and time.

Install System Update on iPhone

If your system is facing some kind of bug due to an older version of the operating system, you need to update it. Having a buggy system version and earlier can also cause an authentication app problem. So, check if you have missed a new software update for your device.

  • Go up Settings > touch General
  • They pass to Software update
  • If a new update is available, you will see it with the change log.
  • touches on Download and install
  • After installation, restart your device. Now, the authentication app issue should be resolved.

Automatic time zone settings

In today's date of automation, a good gadget is one that automatically takes care of certain tasks. Thankfully, modern smartphones can set the date and time themselves. They do this based on the location of the device or its user. So, we need to enable the automatic time set on the iPhone.

  • Go up Settings > General
  • Under that touch up Date and time
  • Enable the switch next to Set automatically

Now restart your iPhone and try to access your choice of apps that apply 2FA using the Google Authenticator app. It will definitely work.

Uninstall and reinstall Google Authenticator

If all else fails, there is a last resort you can follow to uninstall the Authenticator app. Don't worry, you need to reinstall it again. However, you will lose all previous configurations and settings. You have to set it up one more time.

To uninstall,

  • Go to your app collection
  • Long press on Google Authenticator
  • From the mini menu, tap Delete app

Now, to install the app again, go at the App Store.

So that's it. To implement a secure user experience, it is always recommended to use 2FA. So, if you have a problem with Google Authenticator, just follow the methods above and fix all the problems. I hope this guide was useful to you.

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