God of War: How to Unlock the True Ending [PS4 - True Ending]

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God of War: How to Unlock the True Ending [PS4 - True Ending]



In this guide we see how to see the real ending in God of War for Playstation 4. Don't forget to also consult the complete guide card of **** for other useful guides on this game.

To unlock the true God of War ending, when you get to the point where you have to go back to the temple, you find yourself walking a short distance during which the credits begin to appear on the right side.

Once you arrive at the place you will need to recover your head and at this point pop-ups will open informing users of the possibility of continuing the adventure. In practice, through the exploration of the places not visited, the players will be informed about the completion of the challenges and about all the other activities that have been neglected during the hours of the game.

How to see the real God of War ending

All this, however, is not enough to witness the final finale of God of War. To do this, in fact, you have to act following certain steps.

- We must return to the main kingdom.
- You have to use teleportation to get home.
- It is necessary to enter the house to be able to witness a brief dialogue between Kratos and Athreus
- To sleep, press O next to the bed.

Also at the end of the credits it is possible to explore the entire game world again with the aim of looking for new items, collectibles, upgrades and challenges.

Here are a couple of videos showing it all:

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