God of War Ascension - Meaning of the mysterious code in Chapter 14: The Cistern

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God of War Ascension - Meaning of the mysterious code in Chapter 14: The Cistern


Here is the meaning of the secret code found under the picture in Level 14: The Cistern of God of War Ascension.

You have probably noticed it too. In Chapter 14: The Cistern, move forward until you find a large room with symbols on the floor. In a side corridor you will find a room with a large painting. Interacting with R1 this sentence will appear:

Of all the prophecies I know, only one takes my sleep
The truth about this nightmare still remains a mystery. - Aletheia

The special thing is that depending on the language of the game you are playing, the strange code changes. Some geniuses (but as the hell do I say) crossing the codes in the various languages ​​have deciphered the message of the prophecy, the result is the words Sun, Bird, Bull, Lion, Sun. These represent the symbols found on the ground on platforms that are located around the painting. If you stop and press R1 on each of these symbols following the exact order of the words, returning to the painting and interacting again with R1 the image changes and also the message:

When the Earth stops, the journey begins ...

(the whole process is shown in this video)

That's it, but what does it mean? The theories on the meaning of this message are different ...


Anyone familiar with Egyptian mythology might see in "Bird" and "Sun" a reference to Ra, the Egyptian falcon-headed Sun God. Furthermore, always in ancient Egypt there was no lack of cults towards Taurus, which was often considered a sacred animal, together with cats, as an impesonification of Osiris. Speaking of cats, the Lion is another animal that the ancient Egyptians revered, and isn't the mythical Sphinx a body of a Lion? Could it be that the next God of War will be set, like, in Egypt?

Another theory instead sees clear references to the Greek divinity "Mithras", or the God of war (God of war in short). Mithras was a legendary hero (not a weapon, understand?) Born of dust, who served the Sun God and brought life to all of humanity, after shedding the blood of a great Bull. Personally I like this second theory more (what does God of War do with Egypt?), But is there a lack of Leo in the whole? Where is the lion? And the Pio chick? But weren't they before announcing where the heck the next God of War will be set? Trust us, we will never know, and until the release of the next God of War we will have largely forgotten all this, thankfully ..........


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