God of War Ascension Cheats [Life, Magic, Infinite Wrath, etc]

God of War Ascension Cheats [Life, Magic, Infinite Wrath, etc]


How to activate i trucchi su God of War Ascension for 3 Playstation.

God of War Ascension contains several cheats that can be activated after completing the single player campaign for the first time.

In the game, among the various collectibles to collect, there are also the Artifacts. Each Artifact corresponds to a trick and after finishing the game you can only activate the tricks related to the Artifacts you have taken. Follow the guide to find all the Artifacts then, in your second game you can use the following cheats:

Artifact 1: Infinite Wrath

Artifact 2: Tripled combo timer

Artifact 3: Red Orbs x10 Multiplier

Artifact 4: Immediate damage reduced to 1/3

Artifact 5: Infinite Magic

Artifact 6: Regenerate Life

Artifact 7: Reduces combo multiplier retraction

Artifact 8: Instantly complete QTEs (quick time events)

Artifact 9: Stun time increased

Artifact 10: Absorbs life constantly (non-beneficial effect)

If you have difficulty completing the game, please use the Video Solution of the game, consult the guide to the artifacts to collect them all and unlock the tricks just seen.

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