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Lightning Returns FFXIII: how to beat Ereshkigal in the extreme meander


Here's another bad guy who deserves a good spank in Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII.

Goal / Trophy Guide Unlimited Boundaries

If you want to unlock this achievement you will have to beat the boss Ereshkigal whose appearance in the game is absolutely optional, then prick up your ears.

This boss's lair is the "Extreme meander". This dungeon appears on day 13 in the Dune Ass, but this will only happen if in the course of the game you have earned at least 100 points from side missions. Keep in mind that the easier missions (those with 1 star) earn 2 points, the missions with two difficulty stars earn 4 points, while the more difficult missions (those with 3 stars) earn 8 points. This means that it should be enough for you to complete about 30 complementary missions to have access to the extreme meander, but of course the number depends on the difficulty of the missions you complete.

The extreme meander consists of 33 floors. Floors ranging from 1st to 28th house 28 Last Survivors. From the 29th to the 32nd you will find treasures, while at the 33rd you will meet the boss Ereshkigal. Know that if you have already killed the last survivors of the races in the course of the game (see the "Angel of Death" result in the trophy guide for more details) you will not meet them again here, so if you have been busy exterminating the races now you will find yourself with a lot of work already done, saving time and supplies. On the other hand, also know that every survivor killed will drop potions and other items that will surely come in handy in the fight.

Ereshkigal ha 7.500.000 HP a normale (6.000.000 playing Easy), Poison & Slow attacks seem to be the most suffered by this Boss, so abuse them. Remember to recover, among other things, the Ether from floor 32 which will restore 3 EPs making things a little easier for you. Also, if you have unlocked the "Mystical Filter" achievement (see the trophy guide for more details) you will have the Elixir that restores all EPs with you, which will guarantee you a very quick victory.

Here is now a video showing how to defeat the Ereshkigal boss of the extreme meander. See the Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII cheat sheet for more guides on this game.

And with that we have settled Ereshkigal. Are you having a hard time with any of the other bad guys in the game? Then also follow the guide to beat all the bosses of Lightning Returns.

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