Goal / Trophy Guide "Business Woman"

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Assassin's Creed Liberation HD: Business Rivals mission guide


Here is the solution to complete all Business Rivals missions di Assassin's Creed Liberation HD per Xbox 360, PS3 e PC.

Goal / Trophy Guide "Business Woman"

The secondary missions that we will have to complete to unlock this achievement are 7 in total and are unlocked by progressing in the story of Aveline. Six of these missions start in New Orleans, one in Bayou. Each of them consists of several goals that you will need to complete in order to achieve 100% synchronization.

Below you can see a video showing where each mission starts and how to complete it with perfect synchronization, while below you will find the list of missions with the corresponding starting minute indicated in the video.

- Reynaud's Bypass - 00:32
- Armi de Chevallier - 02:36
- Navi Salmon - 05:48
- de Vandal's Harbor - 08:43
- Marcantell's Materials - 11:55
- Chapperon Textiles - 14:43
- Ratel's merchants - 17pm
- Bloopers - 19:17

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