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Batman Arkham Origins: Anarchy Symbols Guide [Voice of the People]


Let's start immediately with the collectibles of Batman Arkham Origins and let's see how to find all symbols of Anarchy.

Goal Guide / Voice of the People Trophy

I anarchy symbols scattered throughout the levels of the game are 24 in total. To unlock the "Voice of the People" achievement you only need to find 20, but remember that you will still have to find all 24 if you want to unlock the "First Riddler's Trophy".

You can check which ones you have taken at any time by going to the database under "intel". Unlike other collectibles, the anarchy symbols are not shown on the game map. Whenever you find one you will have to scan it with Batman's detective vision.

The following video shows the location of all the anarchy symbols of Batman Arkham Origins, follow it to find them all.

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Alternatively, you can also follow this video

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