Goal Guide "Open Sesame"

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Fable Anniversary: ​​gates of the devil guide


What lies behind the fearsome doors of the devil? Let's find out together in this guide that will help us find out where they are and how they open.

Goal Guide "Open Sesame"

In Fable Anniversary, as in the original game, the gates of the devil are 15 in total. By managing to find and open them all, not only will you unlock the "Open Sesame" achievement but you can stretch your young clutches on the treasures hidden behind them, such as legendary weapons (follow the guide to legendary weapons for more details), various types of potions, books or even gain access to otherwise inaccessible areas.

You can easily recognize the demonic doors because they will start talking if you are close enough, offering you puzzles or riddles that you will have to solve in order to open them.

In the list below we see, door by door, where they are, the solution to open them and the rewards you will get after opening them. At the end of the list you will also find a video showing all the doors in order of appearance of the game.

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<br>• Demon's Gate # 1: The Library Arcanum
- Location: Heroes' Guild
- How to open: Light the lamp in your inventory.
- Ricompense: Making Friends, Book of Spells, Howl Tattoo, Elixir of Life
- Notes: This door cannot be opened after the “Try to Stop Jack of Blades” quest has been accepted.

• Gate of the Devil # 2: The Arboretum
- Where it is: Greatwood Gorge
- How it opens: Eat 11 Crunchy Chicks (if you are on the completely GOOD orientation), or go 100% BAD.
- Ricompense: Wellow’s Pickhammer

• Porta del Demonio #3: Darkwood Ghost
- Location: Darkwood Marshes
- How it opens: Kill the waves of summoned Hobbes.
- Ricompense: costume Dark Will

• Porta del Demonio #4: The Old Kingdom Spring
- Where it is: Barrow Fields
- How it opens: Eat any kind of thing until you become obese.
- Ricompense: Will Master’s Elixir

• Demon Gate # 5: The Secret Haven
- Where it is: Rose Cottage
- How to open: Give the door a gift, such as roses or chocolates. It might also work to ask her to marry you ... but it might be a little expensive.
- Rewards: Bright Will outfit

• Porta del Demonio #6: The Butterfly House
- Where it is: Greatwood Caves
- How to open: Take the Multiplier over 14 and talk to the door, it's best to do it in the Hobbe Cave.
- Rewards: Cutlass Bluetane (Legendary Weapon)

• Porta del Demonio #7: Witchwood Cavern
- Location: Witchwood Stones
- How to open: Say the word “HITS,” beating the stones.
- Rewards: waist augmentation, Chainmail leggings, books

• Porta del Demonio #8: The Hidden Copse
- Location: Knothole Glade
- How to open: shoot an arrow at the face of the door with a bow or crossbow of Ebony quality or higher OR shoot a fireball (Level 2) always at the face of the door.
- Reward: Elixir of Life

• Porta del Demonio #9: The Bitter Shrine
- Where it is: Abandoned Road
- How to open: Put on the Bright Plate costume first in this exact order and speak at the door. Repeat the process wearing the Dark Will costume and then the Bandit outfits.
- Rewards: Dollmaster's Mace (Legendary Weapon)

• Demon's Gate # 10: Gibbet Woods
- Location: Headsman's Hill
- How To Open: Defeat Thunder during the Mayor's Invitation quest.
- Ricompense: Mana Augmentation, Thunder’s Helmet
- Notes: If you decide NOT to marry Lady Gray, the face of the door will disappear. This is the only door that opens from the inside.

• Porta del Demon # 11: The Lost Garden
- Where is it: Gray House
- How it opens: Marry Lady Gray to go through the door.
- Rewards: Ronok the Ax (Legendary Weapon)

• Demon's Gate # 12: Old Graveyard Path
- Where it is: Lychfield Graveyard
- How to open: Collect the pieces of Nostro's armor and put them back on the skeleton.
- Rewards: Access to the Bargate Prison

• Demon's Gate # 13: Prophets' Chamber
- Where it is: Lookout Point
- How to open: Complete the puzzles.
- Rewards: Heart of Fire

• Demon's Gate # 14: Bleached Bone Island
- Where it is: The Necropolis
- How to open: ATTENTION! Read this ENTIRE description before doing anything. The solution to opening this door is to deliver all the silver keys to the door. But know that if you show up at the door without having ANY key, the door will still open. For this reason, visit it when you have no key or ONLY AFTER HAVING ALREADY USED THE KEYS TO OPEN THE CHAIRS.
- Ricompense: The Bereaver

• Door of the Devil # 15: The Desolate Abbey
- Location: Darkwood Bordello
- How it opens: Have sex 10 times.
- Rewards: Pimp Hat

Here is the video with all the doors of the devil of Fable Anniversary

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