"Ghost Queen" Objective / Trophy Guide

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Guide to fully upgrade the Morrigan in Assassin's Creed Rogue [360-PS3]


The guide to maximizing the power of your nava.

"Ghost Queen" Objective / Trophy Guide

fully upgrade Assassin's Creed Rogue Morrigan ship they are needed well 70 upgrades. The advice you need to keep in mind is to start upgrading it as soon as possible, especially when Gits informs you that you have enough materials for an upgrade. There are in fact several upgrades that require you to advance in the game before they can be unlocked, and if you have not done so, due to the maximum threshold set for earnings, until you buy the upgrade, your new rewards will be lost.

The materials needed to purchase upgrades they are obtained by completing the boarding mini-games to other ships, or scattered at sea, or by freeing enemy camps and outposts (in this regard, also follow the guide with the tricks to earn infinite money and resources in Assassin's Creed Rogue).

In addition to these, You will also need the schematics of the upgrades, otherwise you will not be able to unlock them. The blueprints are found in crates scattered across the game's three maps, indicated by the gear icon on the map.

Below you will find the list of schemes that you will need to apply all the upgrades needed to unlock the result. In addition to these there are other schemes, but they concern purely cosmetic modifications, not required for the trophy / objective.

New York: (2)
East Village - Elite Round Shot
Lower Manhattan - Elite Puckle Gun

River Valley: (4)
Aarushi - Elite Set of Cannons
Genessee - Elite Hull
Otetiani - Elite Burning Oil
Riviere Aurifere - Elite Explosive Shot

North Atlantic: (7)
Gros Morne - Elite Burning Oil Storage
Fogo - Elite Icebreaker Ram
HMS Miranda - Elite Mortars
Nerepis - Elite Puckle Gun Cylinder
Pearl Island - Elite Heavy Shot Storage
The Sapphire - Elite Heavy Shot
Terra Nova - Elite Mortar Storage

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