Ghost of Tsushima - Guide to Finding All Inari Shrines (Fox Lairs)

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Ghost of Tsushima, the latest PlayStation 4 exclusive sucker Punch of which you can find our review here, is finally out and has brought with it an incredible amount of collectibles and secrets to discover. In fact, during his fight against the Mongols, Jin Sakai, the last of the Samurai warriors, will come across several points of interest. Among these will be the Inari shrines, particular places reachable by following a fox. By interacting with them you can increase the number of slots to equip amulets. So here's where to find all the Tane delle Volpi and the Inari Shrines.


In the Kamiagata region you will find the last 10 altars. Let's see in which prefecture each of them will be located:

# 40 Kin

# 41 Kin

# 42 Kin

# 43 Kin

# 44 Kin

# 45 Sago

# 46 Sago

# 47 Jogaku

# 48 Jogaku

# 49 Jogaku

Before leaving, we refer you to our guides section, where you will find further advice on Ghost of Tsushima and other games. We also thank the YouTube channel PowerPyx for making the video you find on the cover of this article.

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