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Lightning Returns FFXIII: how to beat the final boss Bhunivelze


Let's close this story here, and let's close it now!

Future Legend Trophy / Objective Guide

Bhunivelze is the last boss of Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII and we will have to beat him to close the story and unlock the Legend of the future achievement. This obviously implies avoiding a premature game over and reaching the 13th day (follow the guide to unlock 13 and beyond for more details).

Before addressing the final boss you should definitely get yourself "The Last Weapon", the outraged weapon mentioned in the "Crimson Rebirth" achievement / trophy. To get it, before entering the final boss room, you will be warned that you will have to face 4 tests. The tests consist of completing fairly simple dungeons by killing a series of enemies. For each of these completed trials you will move a ray of light towards the altar in the center. When all 4 rays are in place, you can interact with the altar and Lightning's sword (broken since the beginning of the story) will be repaired. This special weapon will grant you a bonus +2500 for both physical and magical attacks.

The battle against Bhunivelze is divided into 4 phases, and in each of them the boss will restore his entire life. Enhance the effects of your magic attacks as much as possible and abuse overload.

In the fourth stage of the fight the final boss will become even more powerful, so spare the most powerful attacks and whatever else you will be able to save for this last phase.

Here is a video showing how to face and destroy Bhunivelze, consult the cheats sheet of Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII for other useful guides on this game.

And with that we have fixed Bhunivelze. Are you having a hard time with any of the other bad guys in the game? Then also follow the guide to beat all the bosses of Lightning Returns.

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