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Yes, that's right, today we will talk about the best free Antivirus for iPhone and iPad. Having a performing smartphone like an iPhone or a tablet like an iPad is certainly a great thing, but protecting all data stored on both devices should be the number one priority.

This is why you need to install one of the best antivirus applications for iPhone or iPad. There are many antivirus applications available on the iTunes Store with which you can download and protect your smartphone from unwanted threats.

Why do you need an antivirus application installed on your smartphone? The most important reason is to protect all your data from hackers. Every person who owns a smartphone such as Android or iPhone has sensitive private data on their smartphone.

Without adequate protection, your smartphone could be hacked and show all your information. That's why you need to take a look at the best antivirus apps for iPhone & iPad and protect your Apple device from various threats.

1. Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security offers the best in security technology and keeps pace with the growing demand from tech-savvy companies. This application allows you to backup your personal data, contacts and photos automatically. In case you lose your phone, Lookout comes with an Apple Watch application that allows you to call your phone or put the phone in "Lost" mode, and thus find the phone via your Apple Watch.

Download from here

2.McAfee Mobile Security, Vault, Backup and Locate

McAfee is well known for its powerful protection against infections and other files that can harm personal data stored on devices, not just computers and laptops, but also smartphones such as iPhones and iPads. Not only does it have a decent user interface but it is also very simple to understand. It receives continuous updates and is equipped with a faster scan to discover different threats on your smartphone.

Download from here

3. MobiShield

This application was designed to give your iPhone a healthy virus check-up. In order to keep your personal information safe, the application scans for vulnerabilities. MobiShield monitors your iPhone to determine if it has been jailbroken. Within this application there are various tools that allow you to monitor if the smartphone could be hacked and show all the information.

Download from here

4. Norton Mobile Security (Free)

Norton is one of the biggest names in the antivirus industry and has been protecting computers and laptops from viruses for years. They have created an antivirus app for iPhone and iPad, which you can download for free from the iTunes App Store and thus protect your smartphone from various threats. She is already well known for this we do not write anything. It is a very reliable product.

Download from here

5. Trend Micro Mobile Security (Free)

Again, this application can be paired with Trend Micro's Password Manager to keep your identity safe. Trend Micro offers a subscription to their services, and they strive to be the antivirus that best suits today's needs. The application has some impressive features, such as helping to protect one's identity through social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. In order to determine which websites are harmful to your phone, Trend Micro has a security function which is directly linked to Safari.

Download from here

6. Avira Mobile Security (Free)

Once in the application, Avira Mobile Security (Free) will create your user profile in order to offer you the highest level of protection. The thing I don't like about this application is that it requires signing up and asks users to store a backup copy on their cloud storage. This operation does not cause any problems to your device. It is still one of the best antivirus applications for iPhone and iPad

Download from here

7. F-Secure SAFE

With a simplified user interface, F-Secure SAFE, allows you to browse the web without difficulty. The TOP feature of this app is protection when you log into a secure banking site, it focuses on keeping your personal payment information safe. F-Secure SAFE not only tries to keep your browsing safe, but also keeps children using the mobile phone safe by installing and using Parental Controls.

Download from here

8. VirusDetector Pro

VirusDetector Pro states that no one should be the source of infected files or information. According to VirusDetector Pro, your iPad or iPhone cannot be affected by files that have been infected with viruses. This antivirus is also very safe for your devices.

Download from here

These are the best antivirus apps for iPhone and iPad that you can download and install on your smartphone and protect all your information like banking details or personal data from unwanted threats and hackers.

Let us know if you like these antivirus applications!

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