Fortnite: Epic Games is giving away 1.000 V-Bucks to longtime players

A few moments ago, epic Games has released an important information that can be viewed directly on its official website, regarding its flagship title Fortnite. As you can read below, surprisingly the software house will make a gift to all long-time players. They will in fact be awarded 1.000 V-bucks to anyone who purchased a random pinata llama prior to the introduction of X-rays. Initially intended only for players in the American market, this generous offer was then extended to the whole world, and soon players will receive what is described.

A nest egg formed by well 1.000 V-Bucks that for all co-op players who purchased the piñata llama before the introduction of the X-ray they will receive on their profile. In fact, the game initially offered loot box which contained random items, and it was impossible to find out what contents of the lama could be purchased. We specify that, regardless of the number of llamas purchased in the past, the reward will always be 1.000 V-Bucks. As can be gleaned from the site, in the past the company has offered the llama piñata with random items for Fortnite: Save the world. This purchase option, which did not allow to always predict the object obtained, left several players disappointed. Precisely for this reason, it was chosen to improve the final experience for all gamers by explaining and detailing the purchases in the game, through the Store, objects and the new X-ray lamas.

Finally, we remind you that a short time ago the new subscription dedicated to Fortnite named Fortnite Crew. The package, particularly suitable for those who love to own the Battle Pass of each new season, and for those who prefer to add new items to their Locker, will be available starting next December 2, in conjunction with the launch of Chapter 2 of Fortnite Season 5 . The price of the new subscription will be 11.99 euro.

We're dropping 1000 V-Bucks into the accounts of all players globally who bought a random item Loot Llama in STW before we stopped offering them. No action needed, if you purchased this item you should see the V-Bucks in your account over the next few days

- Fortnite (@FortniteGame) February 22, 2021

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