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    For Honor: Warlord attacks, skills and strategies

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    For Honor: Guide to the Leaders [how to use, strategies and tips]


    In this guide we see how to best use one of the Heroes in For Honor, the Viking Warlord, with all his features, secrets, skills and attacks.

    Don't forget to also check out the complete For Honor help sheet for guides on all the other heroes and other helpful tips on this game.

    Nobody is born a Condottiero: it is an honor that must be won with blood, sweat and steel. Being Condottieri means putting your life at the service of the people. Their shields protect the weak and their swords bring down anyone who tries to strike the helpless. Their fighting style is simple but brutal, and they are always on the front lines leading the assaults.

    For Honor: Warlord attacks, skills and strategies
    • Difficulty: Medium
    • Counterattack experts
    • Reduced range
    • Defensive skills on light and heavy attacks
    • Defensive mode
    • Not parable head


    For Honor: Combo Leader List

    Here is the list of combos of the Leaders in For Honor with the relative keys to press to perform the moves of this Warrior:

    Your namePCXB1PS4
    Focused Strikes LMB, RMB RB, RT R1, R2
    Hack and Slash RMB, LMB RT, RB R2, R1
    Crashing Charge (Not in Guard Mode) ↓ + MMB LS↓ + X LS ↓ + Square
    Headsplitter Leap (Not in Guard Mode) + RMB LS↓ + RT LS ↓ + R2
    Headsplitter Leap Alternate   LS↑ + A + RT LS↑ + X + R2
    Headsplitter Leap Combo   LS↑ + A, RT, X ♦, RB LS ↑ + X, R2, Square ♦, R1
    Board and Blade   RS↓, RT RS ↓, R2
    Block and Stab   RS ↓, , RB RS ↓, , R1
    Shield Counter   , X , Square
    Shield Counter Combo   , X, RB , Square, R1
    Headbutt   LS↑ + A, X
      LS ↑ + A, Square
    Headbutt Riposte   RS↓, X RS ↓, Square
    Headbutt Combo   RS↓, X ♦, RB RS ↓, Square ♦, R1

    Il Condottiero compared to other warriors, PRO and CONS

    • The Leader is weak against the Guardians AND Kensei
    • Il Leader is strong against the Orochi, Nobushi and Peacekeepers

    Pro: the Warlord is one of the best heroes ever when it comes to defensive skills, maintaining a very wide range in attacks.

    • very high health
    • great defense, great tank

    Against: stamina management will be your main headache with this warrior

    • attacks cost large amounts of stamina


    For Honor: Warlord special abilities

    Tier 1.

    • Rush – increases the speed for a short period of time
    • Deadly – ​​Passive - attacks deal more damage
    • Speed ​​Revive – Passive - revive teammates faster

    Tier 2.

    • Bear trap - trap that blocks enemies
    • Flesh Wound – Passive - moderately reduces damage
    • Juggernaut - you will be slower but you will gain a strong reduction in damage taken

    Tier 3.

    • Tough as Nails – Passive - increases maximum health
    • Fury - increases sprint, attack and defense
    • Punch Through – Passive - deals damage on blocked attacks

    Tier 4.

    • Auto Revive - Passive - when you land you can revive yourself without the help of allies
    • regenerate - Passive - regenerate your health when you are out of combat
    • Fire Flask - throws a bullet with fire effect
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