For Honor: how the war between factions, resources and territories works

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For Honor: how the war between factions, resources and territories works


In this guide we see in detail how to actively participate in the war between the For Honor factions by influencing its course.

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Every single battle you play in For Honor will affect a much broader scenario that involves all the factions competing for territories on the map.

At the first start of the game you will have to choose one of the three factions in the game: Knights, Vikings or Samurai. This will not affect in any way the warriors that can be used because you can still use them all, but after making your choice each result in the multiplayer or bot mode will affect the progress of the conflict.

If you are wondering if the choice is irreversible, know that the answer is NO. In fact, you will be able to retrace your steps (if you want to "betray" the comrades for whom you have fought up to that point), after a set number of wars you can in fact also decide to change faction.

For Honor: war, turns, territories and the aim of the game. Who win?

Before proceeding further it is good to clarify that that in For Honor a war (season) lasts 1 month, and each war is divided into 5 turns. The faction with the most territories at the end of the war WINS.

For Honor: How War Assets, Regions, and Fronts Work

At the end of each game you will receive War Assets that you can distribute in the various territories in which the map is divided.

Each faction, at the beginning of each war, will have its territory (Kingdom) highlighted on the map with a different color: red for the Vikings, green for the Samurai and yellow for the Knights.

Each Kingdom is in turn divided into different regions. During the war, we will be able to deploy our resources exclusively on the regions bordering the front. The faction that places the most war assets on a region, at the end of the turn, will conquer the same one that increases the territory controlled by the faction.

If at the end of a turn the player forgets to allocate the resources earned, the CPU will divide them equally on all fronts.

Another fundamental context is that of the front: Since resources can only be deployed on regions bordering our Kingdom, if the front is broken, all "isolated" regions behind the front line will automatically be annexed to the opposing faction at the end of the turn.

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