For Honor: Berseker attacks, skills and strategies

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For Honor: Berseker guide [how to use, strategies and tips]


In this guide we see how to best use one of the Heroes in For Honor, the Viking Berseker, with all his features, secrets, skills and attacks.

Don't forget to also check out the complete For Honor help sheet for guides on all the other heroes and other helpful tips on this game.

Berserkers are chaotic and brutal Viking warriors armed with an ax in each hand. Their mad love of combat instills fear in the soul of everyone, friend and foe. The Berserker fights without rules and is able to defeat enemies before they can even prepare for defense. Regardless of their own safety and unwilling to defend, they prefer to focus on killing as many opponents as possible.

For Honor: Berseker attacks, skills and strategies
  • Difficulty: High
  • Oppressive fighting style
  • Short range quick attacks
  • Some attacks can hit multiple targets in sequence
  • Charged attacks that overwhelm opponents
  • Ability to deflect shots


For Honor: Berseker combo list

Here is the list of Berseker combos in For Honor with the relative keys to press to perform the moves of this Warrior:

Your namePCXB1PS4
Dance of the Paired Blades LMB, RMB or RMB, LMB RB, RT or RT, RB R1, R2 or R2, R1
Bear Mauler RMB, RMB, RMB RT, RT, RT R2, R2, R2
Boar Rush (Not in Guard Mode) ↑ + RMB LS↓ + RT LS ↓ + R2
Head Slicer W + Space + LMB LS↑ + A, RB LS↑ + X, R1
Spin Chop A or D + Space, LMB LS← or LS→ + A, RB LS← or LS→ + X, R1
Head Crusher W + Space, RMB LS↑ + A, RT LS↑ + X, R2
Slashing Rush S + LMB + RMB LS↓ + RB + RT LS ↓ + R1 + R2


The Bersekers compared to the other warriors, PRO and CONS

  • The Berseker is weak against the Guardians, Kensei and Condottieri
  • Il Berseker is strong against the Orochi and Peacekeepers

Pro: the Berseker is by far the most aggressive character in the game and can inflict truly massive damage.

  • great resistance
  • moveset fluid
  • high amount of damage per second

Against: because of its great potency it pays the price in terms of health and range. You will need to practice a lot before you can fully exploit its potential

  • reduced attack range
  • slow
  • reduced health


For Honor: Berseker special abilities

Tier 1

  • Rush – speed up.
  • Bounty Hunter - Passive - gain life and stamina by killing another hero
  • Stun Trap – trap that stuns enemies.

Tier 2

  • Bear trap - trap that blocks the victims.
  • Revenge Attacks - attacks fill the Revenge gauge
  • Doom Banner - Enemies around you have their attack and defense stats decreased

Tier 3

  • Throwing Axe - throw an ax
  • Fury - increases sprint, defense and attack
  • Sharpen Blade - attacks add Bleed for a short period of time

Tier 4

  • Fire Flask - throws a bullet with fire effect
  • Fear Itself - Enemies around you have their attack and defense stats decreased
  • Berzerker - increases your speed, defense and attack

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