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    Fire TV Stick won't connect to Wi-Fi, fixed

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    Fire TV Stick Won't Connect To Wi-Fi, How To. How to fix Fire TV Stick Wi-Fi connection problems. Amazon Fire TV Stick is one of the best streaming devices out there. It offers a fantastic bouquet of content and boasts other great features that convert a regular TV into a Smart TV. Without a Wi-Fi connection, however, it's nearly impossible to use many of the Fire TV's features optimally.

    If you are on this page because Fire TV Stick won't connect to Wi-Fi, then continue reading below to know how to troubleshoot Fire TV Stick Wi-Fi connection issues.

    Fire TV Stick Won't Connect to Wi-Fi, Solutions

    1. Check the modem limitations

    If you're having trouble with Fire TV Stick not connecting to Wi-Fi, you need to check a few things with the modem first. To get started, one of the ideal troubleshooting moves is to confirm that the Wi-Fi modem is really working properly and doesn't have any limitations that prevent the Fire TV stick from connecting to the modem. You need to check that your modem doesn't have DHCP disabled, otherwise you need to assign a static IP to your Fire TV stick.

    If the number of connected devices on your modem has reached the limit you set, you can increase the number of simultaneous connections (if possible) or disconnect a device to make room for your Fire TV stick. You can also manually assign your Fire TV stick its unique IP address via the modem's DHCP menu.

    You should also check the modem admin panel to confirm that your Fire TV stick is not locked or blacklisted. In that case, you need to unlock or authorize the Fire TV stick and try to reconnect to the Wi-Fi network.

    2. Scopri SSID WI-FI

    You also need to make sure that the Wi-Fi network you are trying to connect your Fire TV stick to is not hidden. If not, it will not appear in the list of available networks on the Fire TV stick. So, you have two options: discover the network or connect to the hidden Wi-Fi via the method below.

    1. Go to the Settings menu of the Fire TV stick.
    2. Select Network.
    3. Scroll down and select “Join other network”.
    4. Enter the SSID (read: name) of the Wi-Fi network and tap the Play / Pause button to proceed.
    5. Next, select the network security type and tap the Play / Pause button to proceed.
    6. Enter your password or network security code and tap the Play / Pause button to proceed.
    7. Confirm the network details and tap CONNECT (Play / Pause button on the remote control) to connect to the hidden Wi-Fi network.

    3. Restart the modem

    If all is well with the router settings, then you should try restarting the modem. A simple restart could help resolve many connectivity issues. Next, try reconnecting the Fire TV stick to the modem. If you are still having trouble connecting, try the following troubleshooting options below.

    4. Forget and reconnect to the WiFi network

    If you are trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network that you previously used on the Fire TV stick, but are having authentication problems, or perhaps the Fire TV stick refuses to connect to the network, you should forget the network and reconnect to it. That's how.

    1. Go to the Settings section of the Fire TV Stick.
    2. Select Network.
    3. Move the cursor to the network with connection problems and tap the Menu button on the Fire TV stick remote control.
    4. Touch the Select button (middle circular button) to confirm deleting the network.

    Doing so deletes the network from the Fire TV stick's database. Now try to reconnect to the network. Not connecting yet? Time to try a different trick.

    5. Riavvia Fire TV Stick

    Restarting your Fire TV stick may also help resolve some connectivity issues. There are several ways to restart your Fire TV stick:

    Using the remote connection

    Just touch and hold the Select button (the big round button) and the Play / Pause button on your Fire TV stick remote control at the same time for about 4-5 seconds until the display shows “Amazon Fire TV is shutting down " screen.

    This will shut down the device and automatically restart it in about 2-4 seconds.

    From the Settings menu

    1. Go to the Settings menu of the Fire TV stick.
    2. Select the “My Fire TV” option.
    3. Select Restart.
    4. Select the Restart option to confirm the action.
    5. The Fire TV stick shuts down and restarts immediately.

    Restart the Fire TV Stick if it doesn't connect to Wi-Fi

    This involves unplugging the Fire TV Stick from its power source and plugging it back in after a couple of seconds. Restarting your Fire TV stick using any of the above methods will produce the same result and will ultimately help fix Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

    6. Connect the Fire TV Stick with an HDMI Extender

    Each version / generation of Fire TV Stick comes with an HDMI Extender. This HDMI Extender helps you to properly fit your Fire TV stick to your TV's HDMI port. So using it has some extra benefits. For one thing, the HDMI extender helps improve the performance of the Fire TV remote. Secondly, it also improves Wi-Fi connectivity.

    Amazon recommends using the Fire TV Stick with the HDMI Extender at all times. In addition to improving network performance, it also helps solve some Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

    That said, if you are using the Fire TV stick without the HDMI extender and are unable to connect to a Wi-Fi network, try hooking the device to the TV using the extender and try again.

    7. Reset the Fire TV Stick if it won't connect to Wi-Fi

    If your Fire TV stick does not connect to the Wi-Fi network after trying all the methods listed above, you should perform a factory reset. Such an option should be considered a last resort if all other solutions fail. This is because resetting the Fire TV stick to factory settings would delete all downloaded content and data on the device. Then you will have to set it up as new.

    The upside is that a factory reset could help resolve the Fire TV stick's connectivity issues. We have written a detailed tutorial on how to reset Fire TV Stick to factory settings.

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