Find the hidden footprints of Resident Evil Revelations HD

Resident Evil Revelations HD: Hidden Fingerprint Guide [360-PS3-PC-Wii U]


Do not touch the window, you leave your fingerprints !!!

And yes, you too, whether you are children or husbands, will have received threats of various kinds accompanied by this phrase. Finally the day of our redemption has come, because in Resident Evil Revelations HD we will be looking for the footprints.

Find the hidden footprints of Resident Evil Revelations HD

As true champions of the sprinkler, in the HD version of Resident Evil Revelations for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC we will have to look for the hidden footprints to unlock these 3 Trophies / Achievements:

The first victim - CAMPAIGN Scan a hidden handprint.
Remains of a tragedy - CAMPAIGN Scan 15 hidden handprints.
The latest victim - CAMPAIGN Scan 30 hidden handprints.

The footprints to be found are 30 in total and are scattered throughout the various levels of the game. Most of them will not be visible to the naked eye at all, so unless your mom / wife plays with you, you will need to use the scanner to locate them.

Remember that there is no system that keeps track of the footprints you have already found, and above all that you will not be able to replay a single chapter to recover any footprints not found.

So, to avoid losing the result for a single print or having to do it all over again, follow the video below to make sure you find them all.

Alternative video

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