Final Fantasy XV: how to unlock Aranea in the party forever [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]

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Final Fantasy XV: how to unlock Aranea in the party forever [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


In this guide we see how to have the Aranea character in your party in Final Fantasy XV.

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Final Fantasy 15, compared to previous chapters of the series, offers less choice options in the composition of the party of characters with which to face the adventure, even if there are some characters who occasionally join the group of protagonists.

Thanks to what appears to be a Final Fantasy 15 glitch (or maybe a secret ...), there seems to be a way to keep one of these "temporary" battlemates for a longer period of time than the game intended. .

One of the most powerful of these characters who temporarily join the team is Aranea Highwind. Players who have finished the game know that Aranea sometimes joins the crew to take on some dungeons in the middle of the game. Here is the procedure you will need to follow to have Aranea in your party forever.

Before trying to do what we are about to illustrate, keep in mind that:

  • after adding it there is no way to get rid of Aranea until the game is over.
  • Noctis is unable to fish with Aranea in the party, so players will have to be willing to sacrifice this feature.
  • Aranea will not join the rest of the team in the car and cannot ride a Chocobo.

If you are convinced that you want to have Aranea in the team, proceed as follows:

  • rest in Cotisse Haven (after chapter 7)
  • take the Raindrops Hunt to speed up the time at night
  • open the menu and teleport to the previous rest area
  • wait exactly until midnight then run to the big wall with the red fence
  • when the demons appear, wait until the battle begins and then run away
  • Immediately teleport to the previous rest area
  • interact with the camp immediately without pressing camp
  • Aranea will get off her ship
  • he will camp as soon as he starts talking
  • after the camp reload the previous autosave

From this point forward, Aranea will stay in the party and the only way to get rid of her is to complete the main story of the game. She won't continue to level up with the rest of the guys, but she will be invincible (she can't be killed) and will continue to heal Noct, a little plus that will prove incredibly useful.

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