Final Fantasy XV: Guide to Beat Adamantoise [Boss Walkthrough]

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Final Fantasy XV: Guide to Beat Adamantoise [Boss Walkthrough]


Let's see how to defeat one of the bad guys from Final Fantasy XV: how to eliminate the boss Adamantoise

In this guide we see how to beat one of the fearsome bosses present in Final Fantasy XV. For all the other bosses and other guides on the game do not forget to also consult the complete guide and tricks card of Final Fantasy XV.

How to kill the Boss Adamantoise:

Below is a video showing the best strategy to beat and kill this boss, see how to do both to attack him and to defend yourself from his attacks:

How to defeat Adamantoise

First of all you need to have the highest level possible (40+ recommended) and unlocked the Limit Break abilities of the Ascension system. The three skills are found on the Techniques page and are all named "Auxiliary Transcendence".

They are very expensive skills but they greatly increase the damage points inflicted, and this is essential to be able to end the battle in an acceptable time.

You will find Adamantoise after Chapter 9 you will return to Cape CaemHere, talk to Iris in the outpost and she will reveal to you about the presence of some earthquakes in the area. Head to Hammerhead and ask for information from Cindy who will invite you to chat with Dave. Next you will need to talk to everyone in the restaurant until you can head out into the desert to talk to Monica. The conversation will end and Adamantoise will wake up but don't attack it, follow the signs and escape to return to Hammerhead.

In Hammerhead, stock up on healing potions and talk to Takka to accept Adamantoise's bounty. Now you can go back to the area of ​​the mammoth creatures and start the fight. Do as shown in the video above to defeat him, but arm yourself with a lot of patience !!!!

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