Final Fantasy 13-2 - Graviton Cores Guide [360-PS3]

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Final Fantasy 13-2 - Graviton Cores Guide [360-PS3]

 In this guide we see, thanks to the help of a video, the exact one location of graviton nuclei in Final Fantasy XIII-2. These cores play an important role in the story and sooner or later you will have to collect them in order to proceed in the game.

There are 7 gravitonic nuclei in total and below we propose the list with the locations where these are located. In correspondence to each one you will also find the minute of the video where it is shown how to find each nucleus.

#1 - New Bodhum (003DD) - 0:10 minute
# 2 - Bresha Ruins (005DD) - 0:32
# 3 - Oerba (200DD) - 1:08 minute
#4 - Gym (400DD) - 1:44 minute
# 5 - Yaschas Massif (100DD) - minuto 2:11
# 6 - Oerba (400DD) - 2:35 minute
#7 - Sunleth Waterscape (400DD) - minuto 2:58

Where to find all the graviton nuclei
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