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InFamous Second Son: How to Increase Negative Karma [bad ending]


In the InFamous Second Son endings guide we have already seen what the endings of the game are. Now let's see how to get them.

Final Bad Guide

To see the Bad ending of InFamous Second Son we will have to orient the actions within our game to Negative Karma. These are all actions highlighted by the Red, in particular:

  • all BAD choices related to the game's plot. For the good ending and to increase the negative Karma we will always have to choose the RED option.
  • neutralize human billboards (they are highlighted on the mini map with the red sign icon)
  • eliminate street musicians (they are highlighted on the mini map with the red music note icon)
  • stop activist rallies (they are highlighted on the mini map with the prohibition icon)
  • kill members of the Akulan gang (they only appear on the second island. They are highlighted on the mini map with the hammer and sickle icon)
  • kill enemies or injured civilians (you will notice them thanks to the icon on their head)
  • create Negative Karma version of graffiti. Follow the graffiti guide for more details

these are therefore the actions that will increase Negative Karma. Coming to the end of the story with a prevalence of Negative Karma we will see the BAD ending of the game.

Important: do not forget to consult the Infamous Second Son tricks and guides card where, among others, you will also find the guide to increase Positive Karma.

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