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    Fifa Street (2012) - Trophies and Achievements Guide [360-PS3]

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    Fifa Street (2012) - Trophies and Achievements Guide [360-PS3]

    Here is the complete solution to unlock all Fifa Street achievements and trophies. In this guide, the tips from to unlock all achievements and reach Platinum on Playstation 3 or 1000 G on Xbox 360.

    Cuckoo the ball is gone
    Run your first tunnel to damage an opponent
    When you have an opponent in front of you, pull the left trigger and then the left stick forward (towards the opponent), then release the trigger. Simple enough, it will probably come by just playing.
    Attacking goalkeeper!
    Score a goal using the goalkeeper
    The description says it all, you must have the goalkeeper in the match (in some competitions there is not)
    Entertainment master
    Earn at least 1.500 style points without losing the ball
    In any game, isolate your best player with an opposing defender and make sure there is some space behind him, then use the trick that puts the ball over the opponent's head (RB on 360 / R1 on PS3 + stick left analogue towards the opponent). You will get 200 style points each time, repeat without losing the ball until you get the result.
    In any game mode, win a match / event on 50% of the fields (main profile)
    See the suggestions for the "Globetrotter" result
    In any game mode, win a match / event on all courts (main profile)
    As per description you have to win on all fields. After winning on everything try to change the number of players on the field, in fact the fields displayed in the list depend on this.
    Geometry applied to football
    Score a goal by bouncing the ball against the wall
    It's worth doing it alone with two controllers or boosting it together with a friend. Choose the "empty parking" field, put the opponent at a corner and hit with a pass or cross the wall in order to make a bank and score.
    Ultimate humiliation
    Score a goal with a tunnel
    You have to make the tunnel to the opposing goalkeeper by scoring. For the match settings I suggest you do the same as for the result "The geometry of football" while to make the tunnel read the suggestions given for the result "Cuckoo the ball is gone".
    When do we arrive?
    Access the World Tour map screen for the first time (main profile)
    Very simple, it will come by itself.
    New champion
    Win a World Tour tournament for the first time (main profile)
    You will have to play several tournaments on a given Stage to increase your score on the same Stage. When your score reaches the top 10 you will unlock a final tournament. Win to get the result.
    Regional road champion
    Win Phase 1 of the World Tour (Main Profile)
    You should unlock it along with the "New Champion" achievement.
    National road champion
    Win Phase 2 of the World Tour (Main Profile)
    See the suggestions for the "World Champion" result.
    European champion
    Win Phase 3 of the World Tour (Main Profile)
    See the suggestions for the "World Champion" result.
    World Champion
    Win Phase 4 of the World Tour (Main Profile)
    After winning all the qualifying tournaments you will reach the final stage. Win on any difficulty level to unlock the achievement.
    World Tour
    Win an online World Tour tournament (main profile)
    The final tournament of each Stage has the "Play Online" option. You must qualify for the knockout stage and win it against any online opponent.
    Challenge the pros
    Win 1 street challenge against 1 sq. real club in phase 4 of the World Tour (main profile)
    Playing normally in Stage 4 you will find real Club teams with real players (eg Milan). Beat them to get the result.
    Street legend
    Beat Messi in a Street Challenge (main profile)
    In the World Tour you have to beat Barcelona. If you have difficulty in meeting him, in Stage 4 press Start to randomly update the teams of each event and check if there is a presence of Barcelona or not. Keep going until it pops out.
    Local heroes
    Win the national tournament. final with at least 8 players. created in your team (main profile)
    Players can be created by yourself or downloaded by a friend or opponent.
    I bring popcorn
    Win a tournament with a local co-op player (main profile)
    If you don't have a friend, you can also do it alone with a second controller. In the final seconds of the game connect the second controller and wait for the time to run out.
    Super heroes
    You must have a team with at least 8 players. created of equal or super level. to 50 (main profile)
    Continue to play as normal, if you aim to unlock the other achievements this will come without major problems.
    Milestone in career
    Score 100 goals with your created player in any game mode (main profile)
    Use the created player and keep playing, you will unlock it without problems.
    Get 100.000 style points with your created player in any mode (main profile)
    See the "Career Milestone" result suggestions.
    Show attributes
    Maximize one of your created player's attributes (main profile)
    See the suggestions for the "5 Resource Player" result.
    Give the show
    Unlock 10 moves for a created player (main profile)
    By leveling up your player you will get points. Use them to unlock the moves and you will get the result.
    5-resource player
    Upgrade max 5 attributes of a created player (main profile)
    There are 7 categories of attributes but you just need to improve 5, that is, bring them to the maximum level by spending the points acquired. Avoid the goalkeeper attribute because it is the one that requires the most points to be brought to the maximum.
    Is the party here?
    Unlock the celebration of a created player and perform it in the game (main profile)
    Celebrations are unlocked as you progress through the game. Then go to your player's progression screen and in the Celebrations choose the ones below. Now score a goal and use the exultation.
    Shopping freak
    Wear an unlocked item in any game mode (main profile)
    By playing on the World Tour you will unlock items (often socks). Go to "edit player" and have the player wear them, then play to get the result.
    Earn the promotion to the next division in a Street Season (main profile)
    Each season has 10 games in total. As in FIFA 12 you will need a certain number of points to be promoted to the next division, but unlike FIFA 12 the game does not say how many points you need. Once you have completed the 10 games and have the necessary points you will be promoted.
    Online fanatic
    Win a 5v5, 6v6 and 5-a-side football match online (main profile)
    These are the 3 modes that you can play online.
    Online sample
    Win any online cup (main profile)
    In addition to the seasons made up of 10 online games there are also cups, usually on weekends. To win and get the result you have to win 4 games in a row, if you quit you will be automatically eliminated.
    Online domain
    Win all 9 online cups (main profile)
    From the description it is clear that there are 9 online cups available in total. Considering that the cups are only on the weekend, it means that it will take at least 9 weeks to make a complete tour of the 9 cups. Considering that winning a cup online is not a walk in the park, this is probably the hardest (and longest) outcome of the game. Good luck!
    I have evidence
    Send a saved video (main profile)
    Very simple, of course you have to be connected to send the video.
    Budding director
    Watch a video posted by your friend (main profile)
    From any menu, open the EA News feed, find a friend's video and watch it.
    Make new friends
    Add a new Friend using the Friend Recommend feature (main profile)
    Open the EA News feed and go to "Add a Friend". If there is someone, highlight it and click on it to get the result. NOTE: Your friends' friends must have people playing Fifa Street who are not already on your list.
    Film on air
    Watch a gameplay tutorial movie (main profile)
    Go to Streets, any modes, teams, controllers, then select a video.

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