FIFA 16: tutorial to ALWAYS shoot and score penalties [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]

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FIFA 16: tutorial to ALWAYS shoot and score penalties [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


FIFA 16 has finally arrived in stores and here on Resources4gaming we immediately start with a classic guide dedicated to EA's football simulation.

It will have happened to you too to cheer when you hear the magic whistle of the referee after one of your players has been landed in the penalty area. Sometimes, however, you will also have to witness the tragic scene of the opposing goalkeeper who saves that penalty or, even worse, your attacker who miserably shot the shot by shooting out.

Today I want to offer you a practically foolproof method to always score penalties in FIFA 16, which will guarantee you a percentage of realization really close to 100%. First of all watch the following video which explains everything right:

As you can see it is a fairly simple method that I have personally used since previous FIFAs. The fundamental factors to not miss the penalties are always those:

Precision: choose the shooter well, obviously he must have high stats in shooting and power. This will be very useful to you because with the right players the accuracy slider oscillates very slowly, and the green area where it must be stopped is wider. This will make locking the cursor in the center of the bar a breeze.

Power: the pressure of the button of the shot must be dosed with care. Just fill up a or at most one and a half notches of the power bar. If you go beyond the shot it will almost certainly go out.

Angle: the first two aspects are quite simple to manage, but by themselves they will not protect you from any saves of the most skilled goalkeepers. The crucial factor that allows you to take an UNPARALLELED penalty is the angle. Aim at the top corner of the door by holding down the analog stick, study the timing of pressing the keys shown in the video well, it all depends on them. If the push of the lever is too short you will not have done anything, the goalkeeper will be able to get there anyway, if, on the contrary, you press the lever too long you will end up kicking out. Follow the video and you too will learn to throw it in the high corner, where the goalkeeper will not reach even diving on the side where you kicked.

Practice, I assure you that the method works!

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