Fifa 14: Trophies and Achievements Guide [360-PS3]

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Fifa 14: Trophies and Achievements Guide [360-PS3]


Here is the complete solution to unlock all Fifa 14 Achievements and Trophies. In this guide, the tips from to unlock all achievements and reach Platinum on Playstation 3 or 1000 G on Xbox 360.


- Relentless sniper
Mark with an impactful broadside.
You will unlock this achievement without even noticing it during matches and game modes; To score with a hit broadside, your player must hit the ball giving it a direction.
Follow the video to understand how to make the shot: VIDEO AVAILABLE.

- Terrific shot!
Score with a downward shot.
Very simple result to unlock, which you will get without problems by playing any mode or game.
To get it, you simply have to score with a volley, while the ball is about to touch the ground, only a little timing is required, but the execution of the shot is very simple.
Follow the video of the "Relentless Sniper" result to understand how to make the shot.

- By hook or by crook
Protect the ball by keeping the defender at a distance with your arm.
You will unlock this achievement without even noticing it during matches and game modes; when you are in possession and a defender approaches to take it away, protect the ball by holding it away with your arm.

- Secondly
Recapture the ball with a second tackle.
Very simple result to unlock, which you will get without problems by playing any mode or game.
When an opposing player has stolen the ball, without wasting too much time, take it back again with a sliding takle or a normal tackle.

- No way!
Push the ball away with a diving header.
Most likely you will unlock this achievement without even realizing it, because if you intentionally want to unlock it, know that it is quite mangy to get.
As soon as you receive the ball, with a high pass or shot, your player must remove the ball with a diving header.
Follow the video to understand how to do it: VIDEO AVAILABLE.

- Extra effort
Score with a first intention sliding shot.
To unlock this result, your player must put the ball into the net with a sliding shot; so to do it, you will need to receive the ball through a pass or an opponent's push.
Most likely you will unlock it without problems by playing many games, if instead you want to unlock it on purpose, approach the opponent's goal and make a low cross for a teammate positioned on the other side, as you receive the ball, if you are very lucky the player will score in a slide.
Follow the video to better understand: VIDEO AVAILABLE.

- But which dish ?!
Score with an outside shot.
Scoring with an outside shot is not easy, and most likely you will unlock it without even realizing it during a few games; using a strong player, such as Ronaldo or Robben, position yourself outside or inside the area and try to hit the ball with an outside touch, sending the ball into the net.
Follow the video to understand how to do it: VIDEO AVAILABLE.

- A legendary performance
Win a match on Legend level after trailing at half-time.
As per the description, set up a match with the opponent's difficulty at the legend level and during the 1st half let you score at least one goal.
When the game resumes, go to the settings, set your skills to the maximum and your opponent's to the minimum, at this point you just have to win the game and unlock the result.

- Perfection
Make a perfect hat-trick (left, right and head).
A rather difficult result to obtain, which could give you some problems as it seems glitched.
Using a very strong player, with a good weak foot (like Ibrahimovic or Mandzukic), you will have to make a perfect hat-trick, scoring with the right foot, the left foot (which in general is the weak one) and with a header goal.

- Quicksilver
Complete the Silver level of all Skill Games.
Follow ours guide to complete all skill tests.

- Legend
Become a legend in one of the final challenges in Skill Trials.
By completing the challenges in the skill tests mode, you will have to overcome all the levels, until you reach the rank of legend, thus unlocking the result.
During the game, in these tests, try to see in which skill you are strongest and continue to improve until you complete the test 100%; Penalties and dribbles are the easiest to complete with a good player, but in any case, choose the challenge you are best with.

- Really good
Unlock a single Final Challenge in Skill Trials.
Complete a single challenge in Skill Trials mode and work your way up to unlocking the final challenge by completing the Bronze, Silver, and Gold level first; once you have achieved the final challenge, the result will be yours.

- Do you want some FUT?
Launch or log into FUT from Football Club News & Alerts.
From the main menu, move all the way to the left, until you see "news and alerts"; now a screen dedicated to ultimate team should appear, log in to go directly to the required mode, thus unlocking the result.

- Start from the basics
Create a FUT Club.
Very simple, from the selection menu, choose Ultimate Team and follow the instructions on the screen; create a club, choosing a name and an abbreviation and everything else; once the creation is finished, you will unlock the result.

- Like brothers
Earn a player's loyalty in FUT by playing 10 or more matches with them.
To unlock this achievement, buy a player from the market, making sure he has automatic loyalty; now you just have to complete 10 games with it and you will unlock everything.

- The perfect chemistry
Apply your first Chemistry Consumable in FUT.
From the shop or the transfer market, buy a chemistry style card and apply it to one player or the whole team to unlock the achievement.
These consumables permanently improve some of a player's or team's stats; depending on which card is applied, the greater the potential of it and the greater the improvement that is obtained; used cards can no longer be reused.

- Challenge the best of the week
Challenge the Team of the Week in FUT.
In Ultimate Team mode, and select the team of the week, challenging it directly on the field; it is not necessary to win the game or select a specific difficulty, just reach the end of the match and the result will be yours.

- Fuel for the team
Open 20 packs in FUT.
As described, by playing the Ultimate Team mode, you will be able to buy packs of players, which vary according to the cost of what you buy; the cheapest (but also less efficient) package will cost only 400, while the most expensive (but also better) will cost around 7500.
Once you have opened at least 20 packs in FUT, you will unlock the achievement.

- Collector of hits
Win a division title in FUT Seasons.
Very simple result to unlock, fortunately the initial division from which you will start is not at all difficult and you just need to win only 4 games to get the title of a division and unlock the result.

- Hey, a free gold pack!
Complete all Manager Assignments in FUT.
The tasks to be completed are 13 in total. After completing them all, go back to the Manager Assignments Table to unlock the achievement.

- Pass the band
Change your captain in FUT.
Playing the Ultimate Team mode, going into the team management, it is possible to choose various tasks and roles; simply change the current captain and the result is yours.

- Long term contract
Apply a 99-game Player Agreement from the Catalog to any player in FUT.
But of course.
From the EASFC catalog, buy a 99-game player contract from the catalog; The first unlocks at level 15 for the cost of 1000 credits. When you have purchased it, play the Ultimate Team mode and apply it to a player to unlock the achievement.

- First assignment
Send an observer for an Area Observation assignment.
Simple and quick result to obtain.
Start career mode, and go exploring; at the beginning you will have only 3 scouts, choose one of those on the list, choose a destination region, and once the observer has been sent you will unlock the result.

- Diogenes
Observe and find 1 player with a combination of 3 attributes on the Global Transfer Network in Career
Even before sending an observer in search of young talents, if you want to unlock the result, set the search mode that will ask you with which criteria a player should choose, you set this way:

Position: Any (But an offensive player is recommended)
Age: 16-30
Contract: 1-5 years
Attributes: Playmaker, Penalty Specialist, Free Kick Specialist

Now you can safely send your explorer to England, where in a short time he will tell you that he has found some new star with the characteristics you requested.

- The taste of success
Win a trophy as a manager during your Career.
Very simple result to obtain, which you will unlock without even realizing it, playing the career mode.
Win any trophy as a coach, such as Serie A, Champions League, Spanish Cup, etc. and the result will be yours.

- Everything under control
Edit your form from the Team Management panel, in Squad, during your Career.
Playing the career mode, select the team management and finally switch modules, saving it to unlock the achievement.

- You've Got Mail
Access your inbox as you progress through your Career.
During the career mode, as you progress through the various games, you will receive e-mails from the management or external contacts, access the mailbox to read these messages and you will unlock the result.

- rising star
Be part of the team of the week as a player during your Career.
To unlock this achievement, you will have to play career mode, but as a footballer.
At some point, if you have played good games and you have made yourself noticed, the manager will make you directly join the team of the week, making you unlock the result.

- Companions of (s) ventura
Start a Co-op Season with a friend.
From the main menu, select the seasons mode.
Now switch to the co-op season and invite a friend to play a good match with him.
The result will be unlocked after kick-off.

- Promoted
Earn the promotion in Seasons mode.
For more help, please refer to the "Truly Outstanding" result.

- Welcome on board
Play a game on the fly in Pro Club mode.
From the main menu, go to Pro Clubs, and create a pro if you haven't already created one and choose Quick Match.
It will take a few minutes to enter the waiting room, and when the game has started you will unlock the result.

- Outstanding indeed
Earn a trophy in Seasons mode.
You will simply unlock this achievement, quietly winning Division 10, where you will encounter low-level opponents.
To get the division title, you will only need 4 wins.
If you are not very competitive online, it is possible to buy the first 3 wins from the EASFC catalog (requires a level 25 and at least 2250 credits to buy the whole).
Now you will still have 7 games available and your task will be to get only 3 more points, to actually get to 12 points total.
Alternatively, you can play all the games alone, trying to get the required points in an "honest" way.

- Who finds a friend ...
Complete a season in Online Friendlies.
Nothing difficult, not even here.
Find a friend who wants to make you some company for a few games; after completing a few games (they are really 3 or 4 games, no more) you will unlock the result.
If you want to speed up the unblocking of the result you can set the match time to 2 minutes and the very short time you will complete all the required matches.

- Who starts well ...
Unlock 15% of the Player Challenges in Pro Club mode.
As per description, with your virtual footballer, continue playing with it, until you have unlocked at least 15% of the completed challenges; if you dedicate a little time to it, you will unlock it without problems and in a short time.

- Teamwork
Win your first game of the season in Pro Club mode.
After creating a virtual footballer, you will need to join a club; to unlock the result you just need to win a single game of the season, but if by chance you also have the opportunity to win the division title it is even better.

- Difficult task
Complete a Match Day Challenge in Highlights of the Week at Champion level or higher.
As per the description, to unlock the result you will have to complete a Match Day Challenge, with a level of difficulty champion or higher; unfortunately there are not many tips to give, since the difficulty will be quite high and you will have to win successfully, the only best thing to do is to choose the seemingly easier challenges than others.

- Highlights
Play a Match of the Week in Highlights of the Week.
In the same menu as the Match Day Challenge, simply play a match of the week and you will unlock the result.
Along with the daily challenges, there are the matches of the week, but usually there aren't that many, usually four.
These games can be completed on any difficulty level, plus no winning is required, so unlocking this achievement shouldn't be a problem.

- Mission accomplished
Complete a Pro Challenge on any difficulty in Highlights of the Week.
From time to time, along with the daily challenges, a Professional Challenge may also appear; but at certain times it may not be available, so as soon as you can complete one do it and you will unlock the result.

- Thanks for the tip
Follow a Football Club tip.
After you have completed a game, on the right, in the center of the screen, you will receive tips, recommendations and hints, follow one of them to unlock the result.

- To me and you
Give an item from the Football Club Catalog to a friend.
After purchasing an object from the EASFC catalog, you will have the opportunity to donate it to a friend, once you have given the object you will unlock the result.

- Skill rhymes with quality
Beat a friend's score in Skill Trials.
As per the description, as soon as your friend has achieved a score in the Trials of Skill mode, try to beat his score and you will unlock the result.
Alternatively, you can agree with a friend to get him a low score, in order to obtain this result more easily.

- Now it's mine!
Redeem an item from the Football Club Catalog.
Very trivial result to obtain; from the game menu, access the EASFC Catalog and with the credits you have earned redeem any object, such as a shirt, a ball, etc., to unlock the result.

- From 0 to 15 ...
Reach level 15 in EA SPORTS Football Club.
If you have already had the opportunity to play FIFA 13 or FIFA 12, this should be the first achievement you should unlock, as all the points accumulated will also be carried over to FIFA 14.
If not, just play any game mode up to level 15, thus unlocking the achievement. Thanks for reading, I hope I have been helpful.

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