FIFA 14: how to save penalties [360-PS3-PC]

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FIFA 14: how to save penalties [360-PS3-PC]


As in reality, also in FIFA 14 parrying penalties is more a matter of luck than skill, but let's try to become as good as possible.

How to save penalties in FIFA 14

It will have happened to you too to press all the buttons on the pad to then see the goalkeeper who remains stationary in the center like a cod, right? So, first of all let's see which keys you need to press, because it's simpler than it may seem.

The only button to press to dive and save penalties is the RS key, i.e. the right analog stick.

  • Push it to the left and the goalkeeper will dive to the left
  • Push it to the right and the goalkeeper will dive right
  • Push it diagonally-top-left and the goalkeeper will dive to the top left corner
  • Push it diagonally-top-right and the goalkeeper will dive to the top right corner

For best results, press the lever just before the player hits the ball. Here is a sample video

How to save ALL penalties

Before continuing I remind you that in the card FIFA 14 tricks and guides we have the guides to learn how to score on a free kick, the guide to unlock all the Goals and Trophies and more, don't miss them.

Speaking of saving ALL the penalties, the matter becomes a little more complex, but on the tube there are those who claim to have found the definitive trick. According to what is shown in the video that we propose below, it seems that according to the direction chosen by the penalty taker, the animation and posture of the player on the screen changes.

It is a thesis to be confirmed, but it deserves some proof. Sure it's very difficult to grasp the player's posture and react accordingly in good time, but looking at the player in the video below using just this trick, it really seems to work.

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