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    FIFA 13 - Trophy List [PS3]

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    FIFA 13 - Trophy List [PS3]


    Here is the list of FIFA 3 Playstation 13 Trophies

    Bronze Silver Gold Platinum




    Complete the Bronze level of all Skill Games
      Surprise punishment
    Score on a free kick after taking a feint
      No way!
    Save a goal on the line by sweeping
      Unsurpassable wall
    Repel a punishment by advancing the barrier
      Body control
    Score with a precariously balanced shot
      Soft touch
    Go past the goalkeeper with a lob
      Use your head!
    Score with a diving header
      Use your physique
    Protect the ball with your body all the way to the baseline to earn a throw-in
      The road to promotion
    Win a match in FUT Seasons mode
      Put your grit into it
    Stop an opponent from reaching the ball and win possession
      1 weeks
    Win all EAS FC Match Day Matches of the Week in a single week
    Win an EAS FC Match Day Live Match
      Get serious
    Play 25 EAS FC Match Day games
      Absolute debut
    Play the first game with your online player
    Earn a promotion in Seasons mode
      All for one
    Contribute to the victory of a club
    Play a game in Seasons mode with a guest
      Who starts well ...
    Unlock 10% of the Challenges with your Online Player
      Friends like before?
    Win an Online Friendlies Season
      Mr. Coach
    Take control of your FIFA Ultimate Team
      The taste of success
    Win a trophy in a FUT competition
      Building my Club
    Claim your first FUT Pack
      I love this club
    Reach a value of 85.000.000 for the club
      Europe we come!
    Activate the possibility to play in Europe in the first season of the Career
      Technical Commissioner
    Become the manager of a national team
      The power of words
    Convince your management to allocate additional Career funds to you
      Market expert
    Complete a Player + Money Deal in Career
      Great shape
    Reach one of the Match Goals as a Player at any point in your career
      Alter ego digital
    Start your Player Career with a created Player
      Pack your bags
    Move to another club with your player, on loan or permanently, in Player Career
      Deal wizard
    Sell ​​a player by convincing the CPU to accept your counter offer
      Maximum limit
    Reach the daily XP limit in EA SPORTS Football Club
      EAS FC Spring
    Reach level 5 in EA SPORTS Football Club
      Difficult task
    Complete an EA SPORTS Football Club Challenge
    Redeem an item with EAS FC Football Club Credits
      Practice makes perfect
    Unlock a Final Challenge
      King of the division
    Win a division title in Seasons mode
      Make space on the bulletin board
    Win a cup in Seasons mode
      Keep it up
    Unlock 25% of the Challenges with your Online Player
      A peso d'oro
    Buy a gold player at auction with the Buy Now option by spending at least 15.000 credits
    Earn the promotion in FUT Seasons
      Challenge accepted
    Win a match against the Team of the Week
      National pride
    Get a call-up to the national team as a player
    Reach one of the seasonal goals as a player at any point in your career
      EAS FC holder
    Reach level 20 in EA SPORTS Football Club
      King of packages
    Open 50 FUT Packs
      Skill Legend
    Become a legend in one of the final challenges
      FIFA 13 Platinum Trophy
    Unlock all trophies.


    Fifa 13 Secret Trophies


    In shape!
    Find a Team of the Week player in a pack
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