FIFA 13 - Skill Tests Guide

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FIFA 13 - Skill Tests Guide


Skill tests are one of the new features introduced in FIFA 13 that in addition to making us gain a few hours of play, they also and above all manage to improve our performance on the pitch.

Each challenge consists of 3 levels (bronze, silver and gold) with increasing difficulty. Passing the Gold level of each test will not be an easy task, and it is for this reason that I report below some videos that show how to perform and complete all the tests. Obviously the videos cannot be the definitive solution to your problems since in the end you will have to perform the various maneuvers with your fingers, but having videos available that show practically how to do it can be of great help.

Before leaving you to the videos I remind you that in the cheat sheet of FIFA 13 find other helpful guides that can help you improve and pass these tests, such as the guide for scoring free kicks and penalty kicks.

Skill Test: Shooting

Skill Test: Passing

Test skill: Penalties

Skill Test: Free Kicks

Skill Test: Cross from the sides

Skill Test: Pass / High Cross

Skill Test: Dribbling

Skill Test: Advanced Shooting

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