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    FIFA 12 - Trophy List [PS3]

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    FIFA 12 - Trophy List [PS3]

    Complete list of the game's Trophies.


    Here is the Trophies list for Playstation 3 of FIFA 12

    Bronze Silver Gold Platinum


    Master of contrasts
    Achieve 80% tackles won by making at least 5 tackles in one match.
    Hit them cold
    Score in the first 5 minutes of a match against the CPU.
    The comeback man
    Win a match against the CPU by recovering 3 goals in the second half.
    Vs. 10 11
    Win a match against the CPU by comeback or starting from a draw with one man down.
    On the fly!
    Score a goal with a quick shot.
    Gate valve
    Manually save 5 shots in a single game while playing defense.
    All thanks to me
    Win a game with manual controls (including tactical defense).
    Score a goal after a player has suffered a contactless injury.
    Score a lineout taken quickly shortly after.
    EAS FC Spring
    Reach level 5 in EA SPORTS Football Club.
    Challenge accepted
    Complete an EA SPORTS Football Club Game Scenario Challenge.
    The way to the cup
    Win a Cup match in Seasons Head-to-Head mode.
    Win a season in Online Friendlies.
    Among friends
    Play a friendly online.
    3 points
    Win a match of the season in Seasons Head-to-Head mode.
    Virtual debut
    Play an online Pro Club match or a Pro Ranked match with your Virtual Soccer Player.
    There is a new team in town
    Create your club in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team.
    Good first
    Win a match with your FIFA 12 Ultimate Team club.
    Raise the cup
    Win a tournament in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team.
    I'll take this
    Open your first pack in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team.
    Finish a match against a Friend in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team.
    Growing team
    Achieve a club value of 85.000.000 in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team.
      Last minute shot
    Purchase a player on the last trading day in Career Mode.
    Market hit
    Buy a better player on the transfer market than anyone else on your team.
    Spring is served
    Purchase a player for your Primavera squad in Career Mode.
    Great speaker
    Talk to the press in Career Mode.
    Music for my ears
    Custom Music Set in FIFA 12.
    Happy Birthday EA SPORTS!
    Score 20 goals in FIFA 12 matches to celebrate 20 years of EA SPORTS!
    EAS FC holder
    Reach level 20 in EA SPORTS Football Club.
    One hundred of these goals
    Score 100 goals in FIFA 12 matches.
    Campaign completed
    Complete a season in Head-to-Head Seasons mode.
    important investment
    Buy a Gold Player on the Transfer Market with the Buy Now option by spending at least 15.000 credits.
    Play an Ultimate Team tournament and finish a game with a rating. general team of at least 85.
    The bulletin board needs to be expanded
    Win your 10th trophy in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team.
    We are the champions
    Win any championship in Career Mode.
    Get three players from your team in top form at the same time in Career Mode.
    Virtual legend
    Play 50 games with your Virtual Footballer.
    FIFA forever
    Spend 50 hours in the field ...
    Tunnel damage to an opposing defender.
    Score a goal in a bicycle kick.
    Win 1 game at Lv. Legend vs 1 CPU team with equal or higher star rating.
    King of packages
    Open 100 packs in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team.
    Myth of Football
    Collect all trophies.


    FIFA 12 Secret Trophies

    Club legend
    Play 100 matches with any player in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team.
    Cesarini area!
    Score a match goal in the 90th minute against the CPU.
    Catch the moment
    Find a team of the week player in an Ultimate Team Pack.

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