Fifa 12 - How to perform the "scorpion kick"

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Fifa 12 - How to perform the "scorpion kick"

The unprecedented skill of the new chapter.


As per tradition also in FIFA 12 we find several animations and more or less special "strokes" that we will be able to make our favorite champions perform. One of these is definitely the "scorpion kick". If you don't know what I'm talking about, to get an idea, watch this video where the great and madman is also present Renè Higuita, goalkeeper of the Colombian national team who made this shot famous for the simple reason that he was so out of melon that he used it to save in official matches.

In FIFA 12 it is possible to replicate this shot (with the attackers, not with the goalkeeper, crazy) and in this guide we will see how to increase the chances of making it successfully. In the video that we propose below, two methods are shown to perform the scorpion kick.

1 method - Minute 2:20 of the video. As shown in the video, push on the wing to cross, but once you get to the edge of the penalty area go back and then cross using LB + X (L1 + square on PS3), in order to get the ball in. area with a parabola to turn towards the door. Obviously the success of the shot is not guaranteed and depends on the position of the player in the middle of the area receiving the cross. It is important that the player who receives the ball and shoots at the goal runs in a straight line towards the goal.

2 method - Minute 3:46 of the video. With this other method the player making the cross must enter the penalty area once close to the baseline and perform a low cross by quickly pressing the X button twice (square on PS3). The player who receives the ball will be a little behind the one who crosses and, as in method 1, will always run in a straight line towards the goal.

The difficulty of this shot is comparable to that of an overhead shot, so don't expect it to succeed right away. The secret is practice ..

Scorpio football in FIFA 12
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