FIFA 12 - Guide to shooting and scoring penalties

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FIFA 12 - Guide to shooting and scoring penalties

Because it seems easy ...


... but the poop figure is always around the corner. This is why in this guide we will do a nice review on how to take penalty kicks in FIFA 12 (and possibly score them).

Let's say immediately that compared to FIFA 11 nothing has changed substantially, so if you knew how to score a penalty in the previous chapter of the series you can also save yourself from reading this guide. For those who are a novice and for those who think that a refreshment never hurts, here are some useful tips.

To score a penalty kick in FIFA 12 there are 3 factors to master: accuracy, power and direction.

The direction
First choose where to place the ball: right, left or center. I advise you to always angle the shot and avoid central penalties. So keep the left stick pressed to the left if you want to kick left and to the right if you want to kick right. I emphasize that the lever can be held down from the start, focus on when it should be released. In fact, the most important thing is the moment in which you release the lever because this is precisely what makes the difference between the goal and the shot in the stands. After pressing the shot button (keeping the lever pressed) you must release the lever when the player starts running in his run-up, then after his first 2-3 steps. If you release shortly after the shot it will go out, while if you release the stick earlier the shot will be central and easily parable. Practice this aspect a lot in the arena as this is the hardest factor to master.

It will be determined by the point at which you block the cursor moving from left to right at the bottom left of the screen.In order for the penalty to go to the goal you must press the shot button with the right timing to lock the cursor in the green area of ​​the bar. In FIFA 12, the better the player who takes the penalty, the slower the cursor moves (and consequently the easier it will be to stop him in the center).

The power
The power bar should be charged to about half. Practice in the arena and you will have no problem finding the right balance.


So, in summary, if I want to take a penalty to the left I have to:

1) Press and hold the left stick to the left
2) Press the shot button to lock the accuracy slider in the green area of ​​the accuracy bar and release it after loading the power bar to about half.
3) When the player starts in the run-up, let him take the first 2-3 steps of the run-up (those taken slowly) and then release the lever (which up to this moment you have kept pressed in the desired direction).


How to stop the run-up to the penalty (fake).
Some slys will also want to know how to block the run-up while taking the penalty. It's very simple: just press the shot button again during the run-up. In this way the player will freeze for a moment and then restart and kick. Keep in mind that at that moment you can also decide to change the direction of the shot, so if the goalkeeper moves earlier thanks to your cheetah reflexes you can try to cheat him by kicking on the opposite side.

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