Fifa 11: the challenges of the arena

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Fifa 11: the challenges of the arena

A small shortcut to quickly unlock the challenges in the arena

In Fifa 11 there are several challenges for your virtual footballer that must be completed in the arena. To unlock them quickly it is very useful to get rid of the goalkeeper in order to perform the actions required for the empty goal challenge.

There are two ways to ensure that the door remains unguarded in the arena.

1) connect two controllers: with one you control the goalkeeper and make him move away from the goal and with the other you control the player who will be free to shoot at an empty goal.

2) If you don't have a second controller.
Control the player and kick the ball away from you. Switch to control the goalkeeper and, while the AI ​​takes control of your player and directs him towards the ball, get the goalkeeper as far away from the goal as possible. Now go back to control the player and perform the actions required to unlock the empty door achievements.

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