FEAR 3 - Tips and tricks to play your best and become strong

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FEAR 3 - Tips and tricks to play your best and become strong

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Even if you do not play at the highest difficulty level, FEAR 3 in some game sequences manages to give even the most savvy players a hard time.

For this reason and also to allow every gamer to fully enjoy the gaming experience offered by the title Warner Bros e Day One Studios they decided to draw up one lista in "tips & tricks" to provide gamers with tips and tricks to refine their playing technique, earn many points and consequently level up quickly. There is no shortage of important tips that could make a difference in multiplayer games. To you the list:

1. Maximize your score by completing all challenges, playing on the highest difficulties and completing each level as fast as possible. Use your special skills often and combine challenges to make sure you maximize every kill.

2. Exploration is crucial - explore each level to find hidden ammo crates, psychic body bonds, and most important of all, Alma's doll. Alma's psychic bonds and dolls appear in random locations, so be sure to explore even the farthest corners.

3. By playing cooperatively, psychic links can be shared or stolen. If you want to establish a high individual score, steal them. If you want to establish a high team score, share them.

4. As you level up, various stats are improved, such as ammo quantity, health and slow-mo. Maximize your ranking to play the "Insane" difficulty. Replaying a level with a higher ranking allows you to achieve a higher score and compete for one of the top positions in the leaderboard.

5. The ranking is determined by your total score. If you have trouble in one mode, spend time in another and then try again.

6. The Arc Beam reflects off walls and floors to hit nearby enemies, and can therefore take out many in one hit. It is very useful when Armacharm soldiers are hiding behind cover.

7. The Phase Caster is one of the toughest enemies. Try to kill him as soon as possible, because then he will ask for reinforcements.

8. The Scavengers can be tough for Fettel. A useful method to get rid of it quickly is to levitate the enemy, get close and then hit him for instant death.

9. In "F ** king Run!" Multiplayer mode, sending a teammate forward with a Riot Shield is a good way to add an extra layer of protection to the rest of the team.

10. Also in the "F ** king Run!" Multiplayer mode, the slipped takle is important because it makes you move forward, but it also allows you to take out enemies.

11. Schedule the action when playing in the "Contractions" multiplayer mode. Storing as much ammo as possible takes time, but pays off in the final waves.

12. Don't try to stay in one body when playing "Soul King" multiplayer mode. You can escape other players by jumping from body to body. If you are about to die, you can take possession of a healthy body. If you see an enemy getting the better of an opponent, take possession of their body and complete the kill.

13. The "Soul King" multiplayer mode is designed to be competitive right up to the end. The last 30 seconds of each round are the most critical. You should try to stay in second or third place, so as to jump to first in the final seconds, killing the "King".

14. In "Soul Survivor" multiplayer mode, as ammo is limited, do not use Last Stand handgun ammo unless absolutely necessary. Bring squad members back to life as soon as possible.

15. The "We'll Try Again Tomorrow" achievement is easier to obtain in the first three waves of The Commute multiplayer map.

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