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    FEAR 3 - Alma's Doll Guide [unlocks Doll Collector]

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    FEAR 3 - Alma's Doll Guide [unlocks Doll Collector]

    If you really want to call them "Dolls" ...


    In the various Intervals (levels) of FEAR 3 there are scattered (and often well hidden) some creepy dolls with the likeness of Alma.

    The Goal and Trophy "Doll Collector" he really asks to find Alma's Doll in each level. The peculiarity lies in the fact that in some Intervals the doll appears in different places on the level, in a totally random way. So every time you replay the level or reload the checkpoint the doll will change position and will no longer be in the place where it was before.

    The following video guide shows all the possible positions in which the doll can appear in each interval. So, if you can't find it in the first position, go looking for it in the second position and so on until you find it.

    Here are how many places there are in each range:

    Interval 1: 1 position
    Interval 2: 4 positions
    Interval 3: 4 positions
    Interval 4: 5 positions
    Interval 5: 4 positions
    Interval 6: 5 positions
    Interval 7: 4 positions
    Interval 8: 3 positions

    You can see them all in the following video

    Alma Dolls - All positions in all ranges
    Don't see the video? Click here - Use comments to report videos that are no longer valid

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