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    Assassin's Creed Liberation HD: Collectible Precious Pins guide


    We continue our adventure on Assassin's Creed Liberation HD for xbox 360, ps3 and pc and we try to find all the objects related to the clothes: let's start with the precious pins.

    "Fashion Expert" Guide

    To unlock this achievement we will have to find all items related to clothing, that is the precious brooches, the voodoo dolls and the coins. Finding all these collectibles, in addition to unlocking the achievement, you will also unlock new outfits.

    The precious brooches to find there are 10 in total and they are all located in New Orleans. To get them you will simply have to charm certain characters, but remember that you can only take them with the lady's dress. You won't be able to jump in these clothes, so sometimes you will need to use ladders to climb rooftops and get to your goal.

    Here is a video showing where all the precious pins are located. From the inventory you can check at any time how many you have already found.

    Consult the fact sheet Assassin's Creed Liberation HD tricks to find out how to find the voodoo dolls, coins and all the other collectibles in the game. Here is the video

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