Far Cry 4 - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS4]

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Far Cry 4 - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS4]


Here is the list of Trophies for Playstation 3 of Far Cry 4

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum



WARNING! Available the guide to unlock all the trophies of Far Cry 4 (Platinum guide).

Liberaci dal male

Liberate 12 Outposts (Campaign only).

Passi felpati

Liberate an Outpost in any mode without setting off the alarm (Campaign only).

Fortress demonstration

Conquer 2 fortresses (Campaign only).


Complete any 6 Hunt missions (Escort, Disinfestation, Survival) (Campaign only).

The man behind the viewfinder

Complete 3 Assassination or Eye for an Eye missions (Campaign only).

I don't abandon anyone

Rescue 15 hostages in Hostage Rescue missions (Campaign only).

Passionate about engines

Complete 3 Kyrati Films activities: Racing or Survival (Campaign only).


Repel 3 expeditions of Retaliation (Campaign only).

Robin Hood

Hijack 3 trucks with real cargo and deliver them to a liberated outpost (Campaign only).

Man of justice

Destroy 3 Pagan Wrath convoys (Campaign only).

Brothers in Arms

Free 1 outpost playing as Hurk (Coop Campaign only).


Complete 3 Bomb Defusing missions (Campaign only).


Purchase 3 items for House Ghale (Campaign only).


Remove or destroy 15 Yalung masks (Campaign only).

The past is important

Find 10 lost letters (Campaign only).

Divine tributes

Spin 10 Prayer Wheels (Campaign only).

The rarest prey

Complete 3 Kyrat Fashion Week missions (Campaign only).

Avid reader

Read 10 notes (Campaign only).

Kind of cute

Learn 10 skills (Campaign only).


Create 5 upgrades for your gear (Campaign only).

One syringe a day ...

Prepare 15 syringes (Campaign only).

It's raining money

Spend 500.000 rupees at trading points (Campaign only).


Buy all accessories and colors for a weapon (Campaign only).

White Fang

Kill 30 enemies with an elephant (Campaign only).

Four is the perfect number

Kill 4 enemies at the same time with a single explosion (Campaign only).


Distract 15 enemies by throwing rocks (Campaign only).

Passionate about photography

Mark 25 enemies with the camera (Campaign only).

Lethal rain

Kill 30 enemies with mortar fire (Campaign only).

Long distance

Kill a target from 60 meters or more with an arrow or dart (Campaign only).

Two pigeons ...

Kill two targets with one shot using a sniper rifle (Campaign only).

Shooting star

Perform a downing from the Gyrocopter (Campaign only).


Kill 50 enemies with fire (Campaign only).


Kill 25 enemies while shooting and driving at the same time (Campaign only).

The just cause

Reach Karma Level 2 and purchase a Mercenaries upgrade (Campaign only).

Is it a bird?

Travel 5.000m in the wingsuit (Campaign only).

Hit-and-run driver

Invest 25 people (Campaign only).

Lair free all

Liberate all outposts (Campaign only).

End of broadcasts

Clear 8 towers (Campaign only).

Lane change

Perform a vehicle knockdown from the passenger seat (Coop Campagna only).

Rewrite the story

Tear up 30 propaganda posters (Campaign only).

The favorite of the people

Reach Arena Level 5 (Campaign Arena only).

Renaissance man

Complete a public match in any Battles of Kyrat mode (Battles of Kyrat only).

Community surprise

Play one of the top rated maps in the map browser (map browser only).


Learn all skills (Campaign only).

Master of Kyrat

Collect all trophies.

Far Cry 4 Secret Trophies

Welcome to Kyrat *

Join the Golden Path (Campaign only).


Discover Shangri-La (Campaign only).

Minus one*

Decide the fate of De Pleur (Campagna only).

Minus two*

Decide the fate of Noore (Campaign only).


Decide Yuma's fate (Campaign only).

The king is dead *

Decide the fate of Pagan Min (Campaign only).

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