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Far Cry 4: How to Increase Karma and Rewards [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


In this guide dedicated to the karmic system of Far Cry 4 we see how to increase karma and what are the rewards that the game provides for those who are good children.

Far Cry 4 Karma Guide

Having good Karma in Far Cry 4 has several advantages: you will have access to weapons blocked by the Karma level, you will have access to upgrades for mercenaries and also special discounts on the prices of weapons and ammunition. So let's see in detail what these rewards are and all the ways to raise your karma.

Karma and Experience Levels

These are the Karmi levels related to the required XP points earned: Karma Level XP 1: 1000
XP Livello Karma 2: 1400
XP Livello Karma 3: 1600
XP Livello Karma 4: 1800
XP Livello Karma 5: 2000
XP Livello Karma 6: 2200
XP Livello Karma 7: 2400
XP Livello Karma 8: 2600
XP Livello Karma 9: 2800
XP Livello Karma 10: 3000

Karma Rewards
As you progress through the game and complete Karma-related events you will gain experience and level up, which will always unlock new rewards:

Karma Level 1 Reward: accessory prices -25%
Karma Level 2 Award: Guns For Hire Upgrades
Karma Level 3 Reward: Weapon Prices -25%
Karma Level 4 Award: Guns For Hire Upgrades
Karma Level 5 Reward: Map Prices -25%
Karma Level 7 Reward: Ghale House Item Prices
Karma Level 8 Reward: Collectible Map Prices -25%

How to Earn Karma: Prayer Wheels
Prayer wheels are one of the main assets of Karma in Far Cry 4. They are scattered throughout the game world and are made visible on the map by purchasing the maps of the various locations.

How to Earn Karma: Random Events
While you are intent on your activities in Kyrat, you will often notice a notification of a Karma event in progress at the top right of the screen. Get there as soon as possible. These are very short events typically of two kinds, so it's worth the detour to gain some extra Karma:

Karma Event: Skirmish
Objective: help the rebels against the soldiers
Reward: 150 karma points

Karma Event: Assassination
Objective: Kill and loot the target
Reward: 150 karma points

How to earn Karma: minor events
There are other minor ways to earn karma, I list them below:

  • Clean kill (with knife or bow, 25 KP reward)
  • Killing a civilian will cause you to lose 25 KP instead

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