Far Cry 3 - Special coordinates for "curious" places

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Far Cry 3 - Special coordinates for "curious" places


Here are some coordinates where you can find some "curious" places in Far Cry 3 (in the sense that you will only go there if you are really curious).

Some are curiosities, others glitches or bugs. To reach them, open the Far Cry 3 map and go to the following coordinates:

Iridescent boat color: X: 641.5, Y: 408.2 (go there by boat)
Cave with the corpse: X: 630.2, Y: 685.0
Flying fish: X: 756.3, Y: 634.3 (travel to this location by boat)
Riferimento a Goldilocks and the Three Bears: X: 796, Y: 647 (who is it? Boh, anyway look at the 3 baskets)
Invisible water: X: 588.8, Y: 781.1 (walk close to the cliff to suddenly find yourself underwater)
great cave: X: 331.8, Y: 458.1
Moray eels: X: 814.7, Y: 612.0
Ocean dry patch: X: 302.8, Y: 285.6 (get to the bottom of the ocean)
Goat on the table: X: 360.4, Y: 740.7 (the house holds a fair amount of money)
Treasure hole: X: 346.9, Y: 700.5
Underwater toilet: X: 807, Y: 637 (already covered in the easter eggs)
Vultures: X: 377, Y: 793

Personally I could not find them all (ndo the hell are the vultures ???), but some like the flying fish and the toilet are hilarious. Let me know.

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