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    Far Cry 3 - How to make easy money

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    Far Cry 3 - How to make easy money


    In Far Cry 3 there are several ways to earn money: you can play poker, scour the map far and wide to find all kinds of junk to then resell to the shops, complete the various missions and challenges to get the relative rewards.

    However, if you are looking for a method for accumulate a lot of money quickly then the advice is to focus on the mini-game of shooting with the rifle which will be available as a challenge more or less in the middle of the game.

    By playing expert you can get to earn even more than $ 5.000 in just 10 minutes.

    Here are some tips and a video that will help you make a lot of money with this method in Far Cry 3:

    • if you have played them with headphones, so that you can also hear with the sound which side the birds are coming from
    • shoot now, as soon as they come out the birds are closer, so you can try to catch more birds with one shot
    • don't wait until all shots are finished to reload, but do so as soon as you have a chance to do so
    • if necessary, stop charging by pressing the fire button

    Here is a video that shows everything. Repeat as many times as you want and get rich !!!

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