Far Cry 3 - Guide to unlocking the best weapons (signature)

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Far Cry 3 - Guide to unlocking the best weapons (signature)


In Far Cry 3 There are very special and powerful weapons that can only be unlocked by completing particular tasks. These are 5-star weapons, defined as "signature", which only after they have been unlocked can be purchased together with the other weapons from vendors scattered around the game world.

In the Far Cry 3 cheats tab you will find several guides that will help you complete the objectives required to unlock these weapons, such as finding the relics, memory cards, lost letters and more.

Here's what these are bonus weapons and what needs to be done to unlock them:


    * Type: Sniper Rifle
    * Price: $ 4800
    * How to Unlock: Find 20 Relics

Bull Shotgun

    * Tipo: Shotgun
    * Price: $ 3010
    * How to Unlock: Find 10 Relics


    * Type: Assault Rifle
    * Price: $ 3800
    * How to unlock: all radio towers activated


    * Type: Revolver (Pistol)
    * Price: $ 2790
    * How to unlock: Uplay reward

Japanese Tanto

    * Type: Machete upgrade
    * Price: N / A
    * How to unlock: 6 lost letters found


    * Type: Light Machine Gun
    * Price: $ 4200
    * How to unlock: 6 Rakyat challenges completed


    * Type: Pistol
    * Price: $ 2600
    * How to unlock: 17 outposts freed


    * Type: machine gun
    * Price: $ 3275
    * How to unlock: 10 Memory Cards found


Here is also a video dedicated to these weapons

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