Far Cry 3 - Guide to Finding All Relics

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Far Cry 3 - Guide to Finding All Relics


After dealing with the other collectibles of Far Cry 3 such as lost letters and memory cards (you can find the relative guides in the Far Cry 3 card), today we see how to find the Relics.

In Far Cry 3 there are 120 relics in total. These can be resold to earn some extra money and, as explained in the guide to unlock secret weapons, also to unlock the best weapons in the game.

Relics are scattered all over the place, when you are close enough to one of them you will hear a sort of sibilant voices that get louder as you get closer.

From the vendors in the game it is possible to buy maps showing the location of the relics at a cost of $ 500 each, but if the crisis makes you stingy even in the virtual world of Far Cry 3 here is a video showing where all the relics are. relics (rest assured, it's FREE)


This video instead shows how you can use the camera to find the relics. Very, very clever .....

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