Far Cry 3 - Ending Guide [Good and Bad Ending]

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Far Cry 3 - Ending Guide [Good and Bad Ending]


If you are wondering how many and what are the Far Cry 3 endings stop asking yourself why you have fallen hard, in this guide we will see how many and what are the endings of Far Cry 3.

Far Cry 3 has 2 possible endings: the good ending and the bad ending. Getting one or the other ending depends entirely on your choice in the final mission.




By choosing to save your friends you will get the good ending, but if you want to see some real action you will have to choose to join Citra to see the bad ending.

Below are the videos of the two finals, so EYE THE SPOILERS !!!

ps I can say, pretty sure I am not mistaken, that Far Cry 3's bad ending contains the most turbulent scene ever seen in a video game. It is no coincidence that the title is classified PEGI 18, so minors should stay away from it. (I think even if the video is not seen if not logged in Youtube).

Far Cry 3 Good Ending Video (Save Friends)

Far Cry 3 Villain Final Video (Join Citra)


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