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    Family Guy: Return to the Multiverse - Trophy List [PS3]

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    Family Guy: Return to the Multiverse - Trophy List [PS3]



    Here is the list of Trophies for Playstation 3 of Family Guy: Return to the multiverse

    Bronze Silver Gold Platinum




    Head shot
    You took your first headshot
    One hit kills
    Kill an enemy with a single shot
    Multiple killing
    Perform a multiple kill with a melee weapon
    Multiple kill with grenade
    Perform a multi kill with a grenade
    First kill
    Kill the first member of the opposing team in multiplayer
    Kill 3 members of the opposing team with a melee attack in multiplayer before dying
    For me it is Greek
    Complete the "It's Greek to Me" level
    Something wrong
    Complete the "Something's Wrong" Level
    Complete the "Handicapace" level
    Complete the "Doormat" level
    No smiles, thank you
    Complete the "No Smiles, Thanks" level
    Long John Peter
    Complete the "Long John Peter" level
    Santa's factory
    Complete the "Santa's Factory" level
    Chickens in space
    Complete the "Chickens in Space" level
    Fight with the chicken
    Complete the "Chicken Fight" level
    Defeat 10 enemies with a melee weapon
    Stop the other team from scoring in Capture the Deaf Smeared in Grease
    Mr. Malvisto
    Choose Meg in a multiplayer match
    Successfully mocked 25 times
    Improvised death
    Kill 60 enemies with grenades / explosives
    Help from friends
    Obtain and use any special item 25 times in Story Mode
    Booom, in the head
    Kill 75 enemies with headshots
    Switch characters between Brian and Stewie 10 times in Story mode
    Taci, Meg
    Kill Meg in a multiplayer match
    Scorched earth
    Burn the "grass" fields in the "Something's wrong" level
    Do I jump well or not?
    Kill yourself with a grenade or satchel charge
    The kings of Quahog
    Win a Deathmatch mode (free-for-all or team-based)
    Best raider
    Win a Raid map
    The fat no longer drips
    Win a game Capture the SSDG
    Mocks the dead
    Mock a dead opponent with Quagmire in multiplayer
    Star star
    Get 10 stars in challenge mode
    B-B-Bird is the word
    Mocks 5 times in a row by controlling Peter
    It also has a bad taste
    Play badly in the final match
    What a bunch of idiots
    Survive 15 waves in Multiversal Madness
    Send your opponent crashing into something 20 times in "Chicken Fight!"
    Stay in the room with Quagmire in a baby costume for 30 seconds
    Employee of the month
    Kill Vernon
    Hard work
    Destroy all the piñatas in the "It's Greek to me" level
    Coin hunter
    Accumulate $ 50.000 in Story Mode
    The cleaner
    Get a 10 kill streak in Deathmatch
    Credit from Mort
    Purchase everything available in the Story Mode shop
    Kill 500 enemies while controlling Stewie
    This was to be expected
    Kill 500 enemies while controlling Brian
    Stellona star
    Earn all 21 stars in challenge mode
    Animated apocalypse
    Survive 30 waves in Multiversal Madness
    Home Sweet Home
    Complete the "There's no place like home" level
    Complete all secondary objectives
    The cake doesn't exist
    Unlock all other trophies in the game




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